Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Released

Konami Digital Entertainment revealed it has started shipping Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 to retailers in North America for the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and PC.

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Yi-Long3970d ago

.. Konami dares to release this product for full-price. It's so disappointing.

Dont waste your money. Pick up PES5 from a budgetbin instead and hope that Konami releases a decent next-gen PES next fall/winter.

Perkel3970d ago

still it's 10x better than fifa.

Harry1903970d ago

it's better than fifa this time around.
they completely missed their next gen entry.
seabass tsukasa also said that he was not satisfied
with the final product.fifa went through some rough
years on 360 too to become what it is now.i own both
and must say that on ps3,the better game is fifa.
hope they get pro evo right next time,because i am
a hardcore fan of this franchise.

jasoncps3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

5 months after the European release!?!!? What the hell Konami?!!?!?

They better have fixed the slowdown problems on the PS3, and at least updated it in some other ways too. 5 frigging months!! Unbelievable. There is just no reason to delay games like that. I am looking at you too Hot Shots Golf.

PES 2008, while still deserving of some of the criticism it got, is still the king by a long shot. FIFA is no where near this game. Can't wait to pick up PES at Gamestop today.

Perkel3970d ago

Late release, but in america soccer is minority. In europe is number one sport in every country.

Yi-Long3970d ago

...they needed that extra time to include horrible worthless dubbing and crappy music...


tatotiburon3970d ago

this game blows, fifa 08 is so better than this

jasoncps3970d ago

FIFA is complete junk. Sorry to say.

Pro Evolution Soccer was, is, and always will be the king of soccer games.

Yi-Long3970d ago

... far from it, actually...

...but at least Fifa seems to be IMPROVING every year, while Pro Evo is getting worse and worse, and it seems they're hardly even trying anymore.

So yeah, Fifa isnt worth full price either, but sadly, so isnt PES anymore, and that's a sad conclusion to make.

Bleucrunch3970d ago

I want this game, because I dont support EA and will not be buy fifa (its been the same game for eons now). So I will see what PES is all about.

ninja_united3970d ago

5 months after the eu release, i dont want this besides i bought fifa08 and i can say its pretty decent ive also read many reviews that say pes08 doesnt look next-gen

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