Battlefield 4 demo ran on an AMD Radeon HD 7990 ‘Malta’ Video Card

Battlefield 4 demo ran on an AMD Radeon HD 7990 ‘Malta’ Video Card

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majiebeast2767d ago

Seen alot of devs switching from Nvidia to AMD does anyone know why? Is it because of the Ps4,720(not confirmed),WiiU using AMD parts?

ProjectVulcan2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Battlefield is technically an 'AMD' supported series. That is, DICE partner with AMD graphics, and not Nvidia's TWIMTBP programme.

There was no switch.

All you are seeing is AMD ramp up their 'gaming evolved' brand to counter Nvidia's long running TWIMTBP PC program. It isn't really about the consoles, BF4 is AMD gaming evolved branded.

It is ironic really, because Battlefield 3 clearly runs better on Nvidia equivalent hardware- GTX680>7970ghz, 670>7970, 660ti>7950 etc on BF3 where other games the situation is mostly reversed.

The engine seems to favour Nvidia architecture. Wouldn't surprise me if BF4 does as well.

Hydrolex2767d ago

Nvidia is a good when it comes to making graphic cards but they are greedy and no one likes greedy people...

Winter47th2766d ago

This is unfortunate, AMD has THE worst driver-support out of the two, sometimes taking months to support a newly released game in their drivers.

DarthZoolu2766d ago

nvidia hardware does perform slightly faster but it cost a lot more, definitely not worth the cost difference compared to performance. Also AMD cards can do other stuff like bit minning. AMD Graphics Cards usually have a lot of headroom for overclocking which usually puts the performance on par with nvidia or better. driver support being better for 1 company or the other is an old fanboy argument from about 8 years ago that is no longer true.

fatstarr2766d ago

Nvidia has been beating Amd/Ati's ass for years just recently with the dual gpu cards did Ati/Amd get back into the picture.

in the end of the day it wont matter what you run it on as long as its up to the job.

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greenpowerz2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Financial reasons with console makers and all the related parties wanting the least hassle free experience with the console tech and makers.

^^Talking only some game related parties... Not the end of the world PS3 fan doom end of the world, I hate'em rhetoric.

These new cards are powerful allowing impressive effects in BF4 although the rest of the game is familiar. Must see Multi player on any console before i judge.

Even the card I showed in my link won't match what was shown.

ginsunuva2767d ago

Where are devs "switching" to AMD, and what does "switching" even mean? They develop a game for all pc gpus.

I assume you mean you see AMD SPONSORING more devs lately? Yes, AMD is struggling in the gpu market, so they've been paying a ton of money lately to get their logo at the beginning of games instead of the common Nvidia "Way it's Meant to be Played." Just compensating for lower quality gpus, and the games they sponsor, funnily enough, run better on equivalent Nvidia cards anyways.

wishingW3L2767d ago

they sometimes take advantage of certain aspects of a GPU that aren't on the other brands. Game developers most of the time optimize better for Nvdia but now that the Wii U, PS4 and X720 all use AMD GPU that will change.

Why do you think Nvidia has been talking so much crap about the PS4? Because now the focus for developers will be AMD.

FantasyStar2767d ago

I think it has nothing to do with which GPU is better and all about AMD trying to get their name out: which means free AMD cards for DICE to work with. After which it all snowballs from there. Sponsorship leads to endorsement, which then leads to bandwagon popularity and finally GPU sales at the retailers.

AMD's special Get 2 free games is surely helping their cause.

ProjectVulcan2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

It won't change. It won't matter all that much for the PC space what particular GPU is inside the consoles. RSX and Xenos are very different in the current consoles and it impacted zero on the PC market.

PC goes its own way technologically and carves its own path in terms of hardware, its the consoles that end up with PC hardware in them, not vice versa.

Nvidia has a significant market share developers aren't going to just forget about that when they make a game for PC.

Also within a couple years generally the architectures can change so much that there is only minor similarities.

PS4 might have a modern architecture in 2013 but within 2 years AMD (and Nvidia) will have probably altered their designs so much it is only vaguely similar to what is in a modern PC GPU. Within 2 years of 360 launching the dominant performance architecture (Nvidia 8800) was nothing like Xenos in 360 or RSX in PS3.

The biggest thing that will impact the PC gaming space will be the fact they share a CPU instruction set (x86) and that impact can only possibly be positive for everyone concerned.

animegamingnerd2767d ago

yeah spot on the PS4 and wii u are using AMD parts while the 720 is also rumor to so nivida has nothing to with next gen

StraightPath2767d ago

the question is will ps4 and the next xbox able to run it same as on PC with ultra settings? seriously graphics were damn amazing.

cayleee2767d ago

PS4 and Xbox will essentially be low end PCs by the time they launch, you are setting yourself up for dissapointment if you think you will get ultra settings, be happy if they manage medium.

Scroticus2767d ago

You're getting 720p at 60fps, so Ultra without AA is possible. Don't expect full AA and AF.

Nick_5152767d ago

Yes, they will. When the PS4 and 720 release, differences in games between them and the PC version will be minimal. It will stay like that for a little while, at least.

CheexInk2766d ago

The answer is no. Ultra Settings for a game like Battlefield would require a high-end gaming PC to keep it running smoothly. Most PCs won't be running ultra and certainly no consoles will be running ultra.

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Arai2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

"Gaming Evolved" thing from AMD, they are pushing more and more to be involved with big releases.
It's a good thing really as their GPU drivers are optimized time and time again to give more/better performance.
Plus those games usually end up being bundled with their GPU's, which is win/win for both AMD/developers.

Lior2767d ago

Does it matter what they played it on i have SLI 680 any game on ultra will run a smooth 60fps no matter what the game is really

TXIDarkAvenger2767d ago

Both are great companies. I'm pretty sure those consoles are using AMD because they are cheaper. Nvidia costs more but is slightly better than AMD. Not a huge difference though.

stragomccloud2766d ago

Has nothing to do with consoles.
It's because AMD beat Nvidia to the punch with Directx 11 cards, and got a big head start because of that and the lower price point for AMD cards. This goes way back to 2010.

awi59512766d ago

Xbox will be Amd and Ati all the way! Sony has just learned Microsoft's lesson from xbox 1. Nivida sucks balls at cutting deals they will screw you in a heart beat. They forced Microsoft to buy their crap GPU at full price for the whole lifespan of the console with no price savings going to microsoft. So Thats why Nividia is cut out of the console market this gen.

imchuckbass2766d ago

You're only seeing AMD in the PS4, 720 and WiiU because they're cheaper. No other reason.

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Muffins12232767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Ugh....i think my next gpu will be AMD because it seems they're gonna get allot more support because there supplying both next gen consoles.I have a gtx680 and my cpu is intel so my next cpu i get will be AMD which i will get maybe this year, my next gpu i will get will be like in 2015 and AMD

FlameBaitGod2767d ago

I'm going with AMD this time cus I saw how much of an ass Nvidia is.

Cryptcuzz2767d ago

I might be doing that as well for the very same reason.

I really hope AMD does well in the next few years and take back some of the GPU market share from Nvidia.

It is only good for everyone that AMD does well, since competition drives innovation and lower prices.

Modestmex2766d ago

That's stupid! Nvidia cards and drivers are better so nvidia will be for me don't care bout this console amd, nvidia shit its stupid.

MuhammadJA2767d ago

I'm also going with AMD in my next upgrade. Seeing how it's so cool to hate Nvidia on N4G and since they're also going to be inside the PS4, they're automatically better.

My life is good!

ILive2767d ago

Could this possibly be that it could look just as good on the ps4? If so, amazing.

chcolatesnw2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

7990 = 7970 x 2
ps4 gpu = ~ 7790

no amount of optimization would get a 7790 within even a 60% gap to 7990 LOOOOOL

expect about 25% of the stuff you saw in the video to be on ps4, ie, 720p 60 fps with low-medium settings.

GiantFriendlyCrab2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

who told you that ps4 would be equipped with 7790?, stop talking shit

IcyEyes2767d ago

People like you looks so hateful ... Its so hard enjoy instead hating and trolling ?

Have a good day, you really need it.

Kur02767d ago

PS4 GPU is actually between a 7850 and 7870.

miso_Jeff2767d ago

LOOOOOL @ your troll math

Arai2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

PS4 GPU is between 7850 - 7870, Xbox720 is 7770.
For the rest......troll on! /sarcasm

Twinzclipz2767d ago

Dude Sony have their engineers so they can custom the GPU so don't talk earlier if u don't know how this game will looks on Playstation , i mean this game is available on PS3 and XBOX 360 too and if u pick a pc with 256mb or 512mb of ram i'm damn sure ur pc will explode even with low settings u can't play it at 30 fps at least 5 fps.

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Omeganex99992767d ago

Are all PC fanboys buying top ends cards that cost more than a full PS4? Because I see a lot of people bitching 'cause their hypothetical 3000$ systems are already better than something that will probably come out at less than 1/8 of the price. I don't see PC fanboys thinking about the fact that those shitty 400$ systems will have the same games they will play on their PCs though.

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gazgriff2k122767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

i believe the PS4 and nextbox versions of the are going to be on par with pc. i.e if its 1080p 60fps it will look almost identical to a pc running a 1080p 60fps

Eyesoftheraven2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

The Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty was on par with the PC version and those were very nice visuals back then. Really the only difference was with PC you could run higher resolution & framerate than 360.

Scroticus2767d ago

Already been declared 720p at 60fps. Still going to be pretty, but not AS pretty.

sourav932767d ago

@Scroticus When did DICE ever mention anything about BF4 running on next gen consoles at [email protected]? That was a rumour. In fact, DICE actually hasn't mentioned anything on resolution when it comes to the next gen consoles.

awi59512766d ago

Yeah thats just so wrong its funny. Used PC gpu's are very cheap on ebay and any of the low to mid range cards will kill a console in visuals. Because our old parts are still really fast because GPU's get changed out so fast the games arent even ready for them.

I remember when the PS3 and xbox 360 launched. I bought a 180 dollar amd gpu to go in my PC and the huge jump in graphics that me and me friends saw was just insane. That card was mid range to high i guess brand new but it would max any game out there on ultra.

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ABizzel12767d ago

It's a slim possibility but possible. If you play the PS4 version you won't be able to tell unless you run them side by side. My guess is the demo was running in 4K max, and the PS4 wil be 720p or 1080p high, so it'll look good, but not like that demo.

torchic2767d ago


damn, you're smoking some really good stuff there.

Modestmex2766d ago

Lol what's wrong witch chu boii!!

ABizzel12765d ago

@torchic & Modestmex

The simple fact that NVIDIA Titan can run BF3 in 4K, max settings, @60fps, which would suggest that the HD 7990 used in the BF4 demo is even more likely to run BF4 in 4k at the same resolution, fps, and settings.

GiantFriendlyCrab2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

ill be getting soon either the 7870 or 7950 in Crossfire, best and cheapest soultion to will destroy gtx670

shackdaddy2766d ago

Crossfire sucks to deal with though...


Definitely won't be maxing this out with a single 680gtx... good to see I'll get more work out of it though.


I like that the disagree's mean some optimism from you guys but I'm not so sure I'm going to hit that 1080p/60fps mark with everything maxed if their showcasing it on a 7990. If you take it literally then yeah it'll be able to max it out but what would the frames be like if it's meant for a dual gpu setup?