Head2Head: Bioshock Infinite Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a closer look at 2K Games Bioshock Infinite for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Make sure to check back shortly for our full in depth Analysis, because there’s some very interesting findings you’ll want to know about. In the meantime come join us as we compare one of the most anticipate game releases of 2012. "

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RudeSole Devil2034d ago

Yea baby, PS3 for the win...

NastyLeftHook02034d ago

possibly the highest rated game this gen and its BETTER ON PS3.

brettyd2034d ago

Pretty sure thats always a givin so really no need to point it out, put your **** away.

Objective2034d ago

Erm are we seeing the same pics?? PS3 seems to have brightness set higher, but it is apparent from the sliding shots some textures are lost in the PS3 version. Guess people just want to say what they want to hear...

Ezz20132034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

yes even DF is a ps3 fanboy site for giving ps3 version the win ..right ?!

atleast do what your user name says

CalvinKlein2034d ago

I guess you love massive screen tear.

neoMAXMLC2034d ago

It's either screen tearing with a smoother frame rate or no tearing with horrible drops in frame rate.

Pick your poison.

AngelicIceDiamond2034d ago

I hope people aren't gonna be doing this with next gen consoles.

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Bumpmapping2034d ago

360 version is muddy looking.

greenpowerz2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

I say there are things looks better on PS3 and other things the 360 looks better in. PS3 has sharper text on signs etc while the 360 has more environmental effects like shadows and texture, some effects detail is missing on the PS3 version. PS3 version seems to be missing some of the haze/smog /dust effects making it seem clearer in a still pic, when that wasn't intended by the devs. Not saying there are not things the PS3 version does better because sometimes it's sharper no matter the atmospherics and vice versa.

Example: The box in the first pic on the boat, the box text looks like crap on the 360 version *but* the overall environmental effects like water on the boat look like crap on the PS3 version. Toned down lighting on the PS3 version when looking at the guy's wet suit on the boat.

It's pretty clear devs tried to preserve/keep the atmosphere in the 360 version as close as possible to the PC version. They just went ahead and toned the effects down on the PS3 version and used whatever resources PS3 had left in other areas.

I'm sure fanboys could nit pic this to death finding hundreds of examples back and forth.

Objective2034d ago

Finally someone who actually bothered to study the comparisons before opening his mouth.

chukamachine2034d ago

360 hasn't won a head to head for along time.

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