Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has been out for more than two years now, and while there have been a lot of great games released in that time, the 360 has seen its fair share of bad games as well. There isn't quite anything as epically terrible as Drake of the 99 Dragons or Aquaman like we saw on the original Xbox, where Xbox fans are proud to have them in their collection like a badge of honor, but there are plenty of stinkers that could reach those heights of fame and misfortune. Check out our full list of the Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games right here.

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decapitator4885d ago

In all fairness, Sonic the Hedgehog was garbage across all platforms. With that said, I am actually looking forward to the DS sonic game because it is been developed by Bioware.

decapitator4885d ago

Damn, I have seen lower but thats really low. Why is that game rated so low ?

skynidas4885d ago

yep that game really sucks

sonarus4885d ago

i doubt it is as bad as hour of victory. I got it from a friend and it was terrible. Worst use of Unreal engine yet. The faces look like they were made with mud

InYourMom4885d ago

Not a good game at all.

Actually this whole list I agree with. The biggest disappointments being Blacksite Area51 and Two Worlds because I had high hopes for both of those games so they stung extra hard when I found they were not very good.

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Shaka2K64885d ago

For a terrible console.

WIIIS14885d ago

They got the list of worst 360 games just about right with many top PS3 games in it.

poos34885d ago

the multiplats on that list are some of the best ps3 games out there

Rocko4884d ago

Then again, you probably bought Lair as well.

Breakfast4885d ago

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Biggest piece of garbage know to man...

Kojima touches kids4885d ago

Lair is by far the worst game available on any platform.

Breakfast4885d ago

I played about 15 minutes of lair at a friends. Thats about 10 more minutes than i played Gundam. I really dont even know why i played Gundam im no fan of the show or whatever it is.

Trust me that game belongs in the garbage, not a console.

jackdoe4885d ago

I actually like Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Now Gundam Crossfire. That is a real, sh!tty game.

Gish4885d ago

Make sure you don't take away the horrible glory of Area 51 away from PS3!! Let's people rag on something other than Lair (I liked Lair actually, just like if you hear horrible things about a movie, its hard to live up to the awfulness)

masterdebator4885d ago

I liked the first area 51, but blacksite was garbage.

Gish4885d ago

I never played the first one. I am sure Blacksite would have faired better if it hadn't come out at the end of the year during the golden months of last year.

masterdebator4885d ago

My expectations were probably a little too high because I enjoyed the first one a lot, but they should of delayed it for a few months. It would probably made the game a whole lot better.

bourner4884d ago

to 5.1 its not saying that the 360 is bad its just a look at the worst games that developers have made. just funny to talk about some of the games people made and there problems . dont go and stick up for 360 when no one is attacking it and just have a laught

Gish4884d ago

Actually wasn't sticking up or putting down either. I only have a PS3, so I know it was a rough game for me on that. Plus I was just bored and felt like commenting. Wasn't one of my "deep thought provoking" posts. :)

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