Ninja Reflex reviewed by IGN

Ninjas are awesome, plain and simple. They move about the night stealthily, chop stuff with wicked-awesome katana blades, and throw deadly shuriken. It's basically the greatest job on earth. In fact, being a Ninja is so awesome that even big-name publishers out there have gotten the message, as EA brings Ninja Reflex exclusively to the Nintendo Wii and DS. What is Ninja Reflex, you ask? Patience, young grasshopper. The truth will be revealed.

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MK_Red3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

What the... IGN is fast. I'm no absolutly sure that they get to review games much faster than all other online sourcess.

As for Ninja Reflex, just another quick cash in from EA to exploit Wii madness even more.
And WTF!? Only 6 mini-games?!? Seriously? Free online games have more variety and depth than that.

destroyah3965d ago

LOL why do so many Wii games score that low?

sumfood4u3965d ago

They disrespect the Wii cause its lack of Graphics! Most not great graphics have incrediable storys like Suikoden 2 & FF7!