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Xaphy3178d ago

Ps plus has ruined my life. I have so much games to play now I dont have time to do other things sniff :(

EliteDave933178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Even without PS Plus i dont even have time playing all my games. And PS Plus just made it all worse xD.

Xaphy3178d ago

I have a ps vita and ps3 and I still have tons of stuff to finish. Im not complaining, but im just scared i might leave a game behind. Not cool at all.

amiga-man3178d ago

PS+ is amazing value just as everyone has been saying so many games not enough time to play them, It amazes me how xbox owners think it's the same sort of subscription service M$ run.

One holds your internet to ransom and one gives you free games to play nothing like the same, oh well off to play some more Mass Effect 3.

Jaqen_Hghar3178d ago

at least a user has more money now

Ritsujun3178d ago

PS+: 65+ PS3/PSVita/PSN games for FREE every year.

XBLG: 0 (ZERO) FREE games for life.

TheBrit3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

How can you say PS+ gives you free games to play when you have to pay a monthly subscription to PS+ - that is not free but it does sound like the games you get offered are a really good deal.

And don't forget, if you don't pay, you no longer play.

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Lockon3178d ago

You're not lying Xaphy lmfao..I was just thinking this same thing yesterday..I have to many games to play T_T...

hesido3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

PS plus is so ridiculously advantageous to its members, that I'm not even sure Sony is doing the right thing business-wise. You know, when people pay to just play online on the competing platform, and you have this.

I've just become a member, and I already have access to more games than I can spare time, almost reducing the need to buy a new game to 0, except for the games I'm 100% hyped. So in that sense, I may be spending less overall for games?? Don't tell it to Sony!

xHeavYx3178d ago

Well, some people would rather pay for online and buy multiple consoles (RROD) instead of getting great games and free stuff, still trying to figure out what their logic is though

amplitudestomper3178d ago

Wow! We're all getting along for once. YAY PS+!

insomnium23178d ago

The only game I've bought ever since signing up in 11/2012 is Ni No Kuni iirc. PS+ is too good. I can wait for games to drop in price before buying them. I'll soon get Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 with a bargain bin pricetag. I also sold all the retail games I had that became free on plus so my first year is free.

PS+ is too good to be true and if Sony really get some money out of it when the dust settles I'm more than happy about that. It's a win win and Sony has a lifetime plus member right here.

xHeavYx3178d ago

I never played this game before, I'm sure it will keep me entertained while on the bus to work

TongkatAli3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Same here, but I take the subway. I'm going to buy another year when my sub is up.

-GametimeUK-3178d ago

Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect 3, Infamous 2, Darksiders, Batman, Limbo and soon Okami... Yeah, I need to get these games finished lol Not enough hours in the day.

Redempteur3178d ago

lumines, metal gear hd collection , gravity rush , uncharted , mortal kombat ...

my god my vita ..not enough space !!! and i love it ..

JAM_brz3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Glad to hear that I have so many N4G gamers friends that don't have time and to know that I'm not the only one. PS Plus makes me happy for all the games, and makes me sad when I see it in the XMB and don't have time to play. Without mentioning my need for a larger HD.

Temporary3178d ago

I literally get annoyed now with all the games though. I try to finish them fast and play the next but they keep coming and i have a backlog I cant possibly finish ...

PS+ Ruined my life....

fei-hung3178d ago

PS+ is a love letter from Sony to its fans and I am truly and madly in love with it. I just hope Sony don separate us.

KwietStorm_BLM3178d ago

You just wait til PS4 comes out. The back catalog will make you forget what day of the week it is.

BlmThug3177d ago

PS+ truly is epic. I was given a 30 day trial and I had just completed inFAMOUS 1 and to be able to DL inFAMOUS 2 rightaway and play it for free was a epic feeling. Off Topic: inFAMOUS 1 is epic and inFAMOUS 2 is legendary. It is like the perfect sequel in my opinion with Sucker Puch nailing pretty much everything. Cannot wait for inFAMOUS: Second son :D

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AnyaShroud3178d ago

nice but I wish I could import my save from the PS3 version...

Heisenburger3178d ago

I've snatched up every single vita game from plus.

Noe if I just get a Vita I'll have a lot of games ;).

I'll get one when I see what it really will do with the Playstation 4.

I'm excited for the future. :)

Xaphy3178d ago

you are missing out. Just buy it its tons of fun. Especially JRPGs they are amazing on vita.

Heisenburger3178d ago

The game that I will purchase first will be, without a doubt, Persona 4.

I have been playing Persona 3 and I am definitely going to buy a Vita sometime after I beat it. I just love Persona.

I just don't have a huge desire for it currently.

I'm also waiting to see if they have a new design with an L2 and R2 button.

I totally appreciate you and Apollo's input.

dboyman3178d ago

@Heisenburger Well bought Persona 4 just recently during sale price of $29.99. Haven't had chance to play it yet. Busy between work and playing Ni No Kuni! But plan to do it soon during my breaks and lunch at work..

ApolloTheBoss3178d ago

You should just get your money's worth now. I just bought a Vita Saturday for the sole reason of playing the Vita games on PS plus. You got the free games might as well play them.

brettyd3178d ago

Nice, gonna grab both Red Factions for $5.

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