Gamezone: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Review

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil has some pretty cool ideas, and the concepts that it hints at could be feasible in an Xbox Live Arcade game. Unfortunately, the execution is not nearly as fleshed out as it should be, making it a game that isn't worth the price of admission.

Gameplay - 5.5
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 8.0
Difficulty - Medium
Concept - 5.5
Multiplayer - 7.0
Overall -

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Spike473965d ago

don't know how u can review this game, it's nothing special to play in the first place.

No reason to waste money on this while calling all cars and Pain are available.

mindedone3965d ago

I wasn't impressed. I liked the leveling up elements, but you're better off spending the 60 on R&C.