Videogamer: MX vs ATV Untamed Review

Videogamer writes: "Over the years I've sunk an awful lot of time into off-road racers. Whether it's ATVs, dirt bikes, monster trucks or any other small-engined dirt machine, I've churned up mud in them all. Back when we were still in the early days of 3D graphics these off-road racers were able to impress by simply showcasing huge draw distances as you leapt from the peak of a hill, with the entire track drawn before you. While THQ's latest, MX Vs. ATV Untamed certainly doesn't let itself down on the vistas front, it all feels a little bit too familiar.

Once again developed by long-time off-road racing specialists Rainbow Studio, Untamed is probably exactly what fans of previous games in the series will expect. You get to race in ATVs, dirt bikes, monster trucks, buggies and numerous other vehicles that can handle the bumps and hills found across all of Untamed's tracks. The problem Untamed faces is how strong the competition has become. While not competing directly with the dirt bike/ATV genre, games like DiRT and MotorStorm have shown where next-gen off-road racing is going. In Untamed THQ has a game that while perfectly competent, simply can't compete in terms of fun or spectacle."

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