Time For PS3-Xbox 360 Price War? Nope

Microsoft has slashed the price of its Xbox 360 in Europe: The high-end model is now less than Sony's PS3, and the basic model is almost half the cost of it is Sony rival. So Sony is going to have to follow suit, right?

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sonarus3964d ago

not applying a price cut would hurt ps3. Yes things are in the favor right now but no falling asleep at the job. From rumors they are set to show off some fantastic looking games for their 2008/2009 line up. So sales will continue to rise. However due to their late start they need to accelerate past the X360 and move closer to the sales of the wii. With blu ray now the official winner, it should give sony the room to mass produce blu ray drives thus bringing their costs down. Also decreasing the size of the cell chip in ps3 should also drive costs down. Essentially everything is already set in place for them to drop the price. PSP and ps2 are still selling well providing sony the opportunity to sell their ps3's at a loss but still come out with a profit in their games division. GTA4 price cut is definetly the way to go. I am not sure how much of a system seller GTA4 will be for the X360 i feel it could be more of a system seller for the PS3 (but that's just my opinion) and sony needs to take advantage of this

Kaz Hirai3964d ago

What do you think, Sony Soldiers? Should your King cut the PS3's price and CRUSH those Nazisoft SLUGS once and for all?


demolitionX3964d ago

NO price drop King! just hurry up with HOME, LBP, KZ2, and MGS4. I don't care if you raised the price for PS3, after that.

PSWe603964d ago

just please don't introduce any more SKU's, people for the most part are dumb and confused enough as it is about the PS3. You're doing fine.

HarryEtTubMan3964d ago

There's a diffenrece though. No one wants that P.O.S 360 that is already WAYYYY cheaper and getting STOMPED. I feel bad for the XBOTS. What losers LMAO.

Mr Playboy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I don't care about the prices anymore. (important for some but not all}

I just need better games and services from $ony

sonarus3964d ago

lol why would you care about the price if you already bought a ps3

3964d ago
xbox360elitegamer3964d ago

prices are never going to be stable, so whats the point, the games the you play and service you get is what counts for us gamers, this fight between 360 and PS3 will never end...

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The story is too old to be commented.