5 Games Sony Needs To Bring Back or Reboot For The PS4

DefaultPrime writer Mike Patuleia takes a stroll down memory lane, looking at some PlayStation titles gone to the wayside that Sony should take a second look at bringing back into the fold with the advent of the PlayStation 4.

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Godmars2903014d ago

I'd like to see a Legend of Dragoon which features some flying, as well as some other things, but that's just me.

SuburbanHell3014d ago

Yeah, I had Legend of Dragoon on my initial list, but decided to cut it down to 5.

Hicken3013d ago

I would have had that instead of Blasto, but that's just me, I guess.

Freak of Nature3013d ago

Not just you, me too....

Legend of Dragoon
Jak 4
Dark cloud
Legacy of Kain (soul reaver)

Also something new from Oddworld in a big way...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Heavenly Sword is always a given when these lists pop up.

I'd like to see a new Lair. That game could've been better than Drakengaurd (did is spell that right?), had it not been for the poor execution. But i know Sony wouldn't allow it.

Game was an unpolished gem. We'll prolly never see another game like it.... what a shame.

SuburbanHell3013d ago

I'm still curious to what the original trilogy Ninja Theory had planned for Heavenly Sword was, could've been epic, still could be if Sony would green-light it again...

Games I was going to include but ultimately got cut:
Ape Escape
Arc The Lad
Dark Cloud
Jet Moto
Legend of the Dragoon
Wild Arms

Jaqen_Hghar3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Sir Dan is due for a return and given his appearance in PSallstars I'd say it's actually likely. Whether on Vita or PS4 is the question. Also a man loved Ape Escape 1 but haven't played the series since.

Myst3013d ago

These people know what I want :)

Thatguy-3103013d ago

Haze is another game they should try to revive again. Think GG could handle it pretty well.

maniacmayhem3013d ago

Bloody Roar
Rogue Galaxy (serious, ONE GAME?! Criminal)

Williamson3013d ago

Please make a heavenly sword 2!

koehler833013d ago

With or without Nariko?

I always thought the best way to make HS a franchise would be by having the sword found and used by a new protagonist each time, likely at a different point in the world's history. Every game ending with the protagonist dying in sacrifice to the sword against whatever evil they must face.

Unfortunately franchises tend to revolve around the character. I'd love to see this one revolve around the titular sword.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3013d ago


I always thought a HS2 would have Kai as the protagonist (a grown-up Kai). At the end of HS Kai promises Nariko that she would take protect the sword. Heavenly sword was such a great game because eventhough Nariko was looked down on (an underdog) she still fought a died for what she believed in, and it was beautifully told. I think Kai fighting off baddies, trying to keep her promise to her dying friend would make for an equally beautiful sequel.

jc485733013d ago

I rather have a reboot or something. I simply didn't like the direction of HS.

Williamson3013d ago

I would of prefered if Nariko would of somehow returned for the sequel, but you make a great point and I too would love to see a new protagonist.

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The story is too old to be commented.