Saints Row IV Interview: 4 Player Co-Op, Johnny Gat & More

Saints Row IV's lead designer Scott Phillips talks to us about 4 player co-op, Johnny Gat and the crazy weapons and customisation in Saints Row IV.

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LightningSamus2034d ago

"But like one instance would be the sad death of Michael Heart Duncan meant that we had to recast that role."

So doesn't this mean Benjamin King is back?

I wonder if Dex is coming back too after the DLC in SR2.

Gat coming back? They have to make some big explaination if he does come back after what they did to him and they confirmed he was dead so if he does come back i can only see it as trying to win the fans back after the reactions to the SR IV trailer but i don't think it will help that much.

I do wish they put it in a new setting, Steelport wasn't an interesting city.