'Art vs Business' | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Interview

GamerZines writes:

The line between blockbuster feature films and games are blurring more and more nowadays. Triple-A franchises like Uncharted, Resident Evil, Crysis, Call of Duty and Mass Effect all do their best to emulate the big screen with flashy set pieces an over-reliance on story and convulted dialogue.

Moments before we first saw Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the product of famed Swedish film-maker turned game director Josef Fares, we expected Starbreeze Studio’s new downloadable game to be built the same way as those aforementioned pretenders. Instead what we found was a game boasting subtle storytelling, a surprisingly upbeat fantasy setting and a touching plot starring two brothers searching out an item to cure their dying father.

To put it bluntly Fares’ baby isn’t anything like we anticipated, so we decided to quiz him on what drove him to marshall Brothers’ development in this surprising direction…

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