Guitar Hero II for 360: six new guitarsolo movies

Always wanna be a rockstar? That dream can become reality on the XBOX 360!

Pick up the guitar and start your career!

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Mikey_Gee5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )


Yeah I know it won't be like having my real Gibby or Xplorer in my hand ... but SH!T .... THIS LOOKS FUN AS HELL.

WIll even be a good hand / finger stretch and warm-up before jams and shows.


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FeralPhoenix5893d ago

Well I've never played a game like this, not really the "Rocker" type, ya know?....but I'm just wondering do you actually have to know how to play guitar a little to be any good at this game?

kmis875893d ago

Not at all. I've never really played any musical instrument (never played one well, actually) and I played this game once in best buy and was hooked. This was one of my favorite ps2 games, and probably the one I played the most, and I actually got really good at it. Anyone who missed the original for ps2 or didn't have a ps2 should definitely check this out.

Mikey_Gee5893d ago

... but ... I do think if you are playing against or with someone who does play .... they will have a bit of an advantage due to the fact they already have the hand and finger co-ordination skills.

BUT .... to NO EXTENT of swaying a purchase decision.

BUY IT ....... it will be a BLAST !!!

kmis875893d ago

1. Who Was In My Room Last Night
2. Madhouse
3. You Really Got Me
4. John the Fisherman
5. War Pigs
6. Shout at the Devil

FeralPhoenix5893d ago

Thanks kmis87....I've been looking to try something new, it sounds fun so I just might pick this one up.

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