Changes That Sony PS4 Announcement Brought

So, on a frosty Wednesday night, the eyes of the technological world were on Sony and their PS4 Announcement. Out they bounded; smiles broad, teeth sparkling and ready to make their spectators giddy with excitement. Bombs were dropped, console specs unveiled, and impressive looking games demonstrated. And the most remarkable revelation of all was how little the gaming landscape has changed as a result.

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iGAM3R-VIII2040d ago

I think this was one of the best reveals for any product I have seen. They were smart about not showing their console (no matter what anyone says) and the new controller is heaven, especially the social aspects, can't wait until E3

nextbigname2040d ago

Agree. It was a smart strategic move, just what they did and talked even before the reveal.

Transporter472040d ago

Wish i could buy it already :P, they did do a great job on showing their new console without showing their new console

kassler2040d ago

Why show everything at once? They are saving some for E3 and maintaining the hype.

Dodev2040d ago

Not too bothered with the appearance, I'm sure it will just be a big black cuboid as per usual :) I would lol if suddenly thot "Ah fuck it, lets just make em all GREEN!" xD

cervantes992040d ago

There was a change to my shorts when I saw how awesome this machine will be.

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