Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Game Revolution

"The last time I admit to being extremely wowed by the way a game looked, it was the first Luigi's Mansion on the Gamecube. There was something about—as cheesy as it might sound—the way Luigi's hands looked and moved in the close-ups that really struck me. That was how games should look in that new generation. Much better than the hands in Shenmue (which were touted as one of the strong points of animation for the way-too-expensive-to-produce "classic"). Beyond just the striking visuals, I admit that like every other little brother that played games, I played a lot of Luigi in various Super Mario titles, so I was happy when he got some recognition… beyond Mario Is Missing!, of course." -Kevin Schaller

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TrendyGamers2040d ago

I was a little worried about this, glad to know it turned out good!

dbjj120882040d ago

Yeah, it took so long! I thought it was going to release last Fall.

dbjj120882040d ago

Preordered last night! They better not have shipping issues again. I couldn't wait so I bought eShop cards for Fire Emblem: Awakening.

ftwrthtx2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I've always liked Luigi better than Mario.

D3stinySm4sher2040d ago

Good to see this one getting a lot of great reviews -- I'll definitely have to give it a look.

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