Salvation Announced, Screens

Salvation is a third-person shooter game set in the near-future where the world government has staged Judgment Day, replicated Christ and Antichrist in order to kill them off and assume ultimate power. Any dissidents are killed or sent to a cybernetic virtual Hell, causing a human to suffer unbearably.

Salvation, using Valve's Source Engine, is developed by Black Wing Foundation in cooperation with N-Game Studios for the Xbox 360 and PC, currently scheduled for Q2 2009

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destroyah3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

That looks really bad.

THWIP3966d ago

As soon as I saw the screens, I knew it used the Source engine. Just like with UE3, most devs don't get creative enough with the tools they're given, and rely on the built-in assets of the engine...thus resulting in cookie-cutter games.

InMyOpinion3966d ago

I'd like to see more games that use Renderware(Burnout Paradise, Crackdown).

THWIP3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Why??? That engine is nearly a decade old...and showed it's age in Crackdown (though I still love that game). Renderware was built for the low-tech specs of the PS2, NOT next-gen games. Once EA bought it, you knew it would only be used in lesser ports on PS2 and Wii (big mistake using it in BP). I'm glad Rockstar built the Rage engine for GTAIV, rather than try to adapt Renderware to next-gen.

InMyOpinion3966d ago

The Renderware engine they are using now is not the same as they used in PS2/Xbox games. I don't know about Crackdown(I still think it looks great. The scale of things is great), but Criterion rebuilt it for Burnout Paradies.

Burnout Paradise is one of the best looking next gen games. It pushes lots of objects/physics/effects at an unbelievable framerate. Renderware games usually have a crispness to them that I like.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Rockstar can do with it's R.A.G.E. engine =)

cyclindk3966d ago

I'm getting this game...