What happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U? writes:

Alien Colonial Marines has been out on the ps3, 360 and pc for over a month now. The game released caused a huge stir in the gaming community – with accusation of money embezzlement’s, lies from Randy Pitchford and the embarrassment of the terrible quality of the game.

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Senyra2090d ago

From the reviews I've read it's not an exceptional game, so it's natural that it perishes fast.

Neonridr2090d ago

lol, they probably went back to the drawing board and are fixing many of the complaints from the other versions.

Either that, or they decided to scrap it. Although the game was basically finished from what I heard, so for them to just not release it would be absolutely dumb.

stuna12090d ago

Bu.bu.. But it's the definitive version! The definitive version of crap.

And no I'm not talking about the Wii U, I'm talking about the publishers who think they can sell a better version of crap! Crap is still Crap, no matter how much you polish it.

e-p-ayeaH2089d ago

if wii u gets the actual version we saw from the demo gameplay trailer im gonna laugh.

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