"Always On, Always Connected" Is It Already Game Over For Microsoft's Next XBox? writes: "We all saw what happened with EA and SimCity just a few days ago with them requiring the game to be "always online" , which rendered the game unplayable for several days. But now we're finding that every game is going to have to be installed onto the console, and that's a slippery slope for several reasons.

Could you imagine going to Best Buy to buy a game, then get home and put the game in your console, and being unable to play the game because your internet connection is down for some reason? I shutter to think that this is the future that Microsoft is betting on, So for all that it's worth, I'm really hoping that this is really just a rumor, and that the folks over at Microsoft are a little bit more clairvoyant than what these recent leaks suggest."

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MariaHelFutura3547d ago

We should probably just wait for something official, before everyone jumps the gun. But if this is true, it doesn't sound good.

darthv723546d ago

are people coming up with the association of always on / always connected as being related to some form of DRM? Is there a new definition of always on meaning always online?

I wont pretend to know what kind of marketing angle this is but i am willing to take the implication as something MS is doing that sony already does.

Anyone with a PS3 knows their system is always "on". that is different than always running. The ps3 is on so it can do background downloads when updates are available or when a user is accessing it via remote play. To do remote play, your ps3 is always connected.

Again, this is something that by the simple implication of the terms is deemed always on / always connected. Now maybe not everyone leaves their ps3 power switch on or even their system plugged in but I do. It remains in low power mode and can be awakened by remote play when I want it to.

Im sorry if i just dont follow the same mentality of the conspiracy people but lets be honest here. How about we just wait for more details. I for one like the ability to connect to my ps3 from the internet and that is something the 360 DOES NOT support but it could very well be what is being eluded to for the next xbox.

If it means something completely different then I will gladly accept the criticism, but for now....i'm going to wait for more information.

MrBeatdown3546d ago

"where are people coming up with the association of always on / always connected as being related to some form of DRM?"

Here maybe.

Or here.

Knight_Crawler3547d ago

Yup MS is doomed.

It will only be Sony and Nintendo in the console business.

This is what everyone wanted right.

TheSaint3546d ago

Because no one will step up and take their place though.

See I can be sarcastic too.

insomnium23546d ago Show
Blacktric3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

"The pros don't win over the cons."

Eventhough his post did get marked as trolling, I have to agree with insomnium2 on this one. People always say that PSN is what it is today because of how Microsoft treated Xbox 360's Live in its early stages, which is somewhat true of course... And the console itself has some great software features that I always wanted to have on PS3 (full game installs for instance). But in the end, the bad things Microsoft brought the table with 360 just outweighs the good things by far. You got DLC, season passes, timed exclusive games and worse; DLCs, being required to pay for playing online when competition gives you that for free on top of having a subscription based service that gives you free games every month instead of giving you access to streaming services that are also free to access on competing systems and yearly and bi-yearly re-hash/no risk exclusives.

And the sad thing is, this always on always online and required full game install thing actually fits Microsoft's way of thinking. They never caved in and made online play free solely because of the amount of people who buy XBL Gold to play online, and now they might've gotten even more cocky because of that and decided to pull such moves. And even right now, people are already defending such horrible practices (that or of course, rumored at this point) by saying that their set top boxes and cell phones are always on, etc.

darthv723546d ago

It should be pointed out that timed exclusives existed long before the ps3/360 generation. That goes back to even the snes/genesis days.

The idea of DLC didnt start off bad. It was a way for a company to extend their game's relevancy in light of a full release mainly because there wasnt enough content to create a full release. It was a good idea that became bad but by no fault of MS or sony but the devs themselves.

Once the idea caught on, it left an open door for other companies to cheat the system and release buggy or incomplete titles knowing they can just patch it later with some DLC. .

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Muffins12233547d ago

the built in kinect and lower specs don't help it either

Gimmemorebubblez3547d ago

Spot on, these are just rumors and should be treated as such. But these rumor are from reliable sources like Edge and VGleaks and they don't sound good :) It does not benefit anyone, Sony included, if there is no direct hardcore competitor, I hope these rumors aren't true.

_FantasmA_3546d ago

Competition doesn't really matter here. PS1 and PS2 barely had competition and yet Sony still dominated and brought out several thousand games and countless classic franchises. With M$ out of the way. Almost every gamer would buy a Sony console, thus ensuring even more great first party games and I think more developers would not ignore Nintendo. M$ is cancer to society, using free services and bare boned gimmicks disguised as a trojan horse to trick people into thinking that paying for it makes it better. Its psychology that gets these suckers to say "exbocks live is t3h best"

GamersRulz3546d ago

Actually It's not always on, always connected thats bothering me. its forcing me to install the games to the HDD.

expect MS to charge fortune on their own HDD next gen.

CommonSenseGamer3546d ago

You know that for sure? The 360 slim made it a damn site cheaper to install a drive. Who knows what they will come up with. Does the PS4 come with a proprietary bay for the HDD or you making another assumption on that as well?

1nsaint3546d ago

Agreed, its much better to wait till E3 or anything official from MS.

Although, i do think all this negative media is hurting the 720's reputation in a way.
Cause lets be honest, there has been a ridiculous amount of articles regarding all the rumors, and the comments on it aren't exactly positive..

Imo MS should debunk some of these rumors instead of just watching the public assume things.

Who knows, we might not even get to hear about the 'negative features' of the 720 from MS at E3.

Lol im pretty sure they won't even mention backward compatibility if it isn't a feature.

Then i just hope there's gonna be a guy in the audience who yells: CAN IT PLAY 360 GAMES!!??!

rainslacker3546d ago

I think it depends on what their actual intentions are if the rumors are true.

People will always jump the gun, just look at the Sony patent for restricting used games.

I don't find it bad to discuss these issues before they're announced, because I'd rather a company hear what people are saying, and then decide if their current course will be beneficial for their long term plans or not. Unfortunately, people do tend to take things to an extreme...which is what is damaging.

It could also be that these leaks were intentional, just to gauge public perception. It's not that uncommon, and can offer a better view than what focus groups offer.

If MS wants to do this to restrict used games, or control their user(which I wouldn't put past them), then yeah, this is a bad thing. If they are doing it to provide a better customer experience, but making the system operable without an always on connection, then it's not really that bad.

Personally I think giving the consumer the option is the best way to go. Nintendo does that, and Sony said that it would be optional as well. Realistically, MS will probably be optional as well, and likely more for services rather than gaming.

_FantasmA_3546d ago

I'll be the guy with the sign that says FAIL! And I'm not just talking about system failure but every failure that M$ has accomplished. PC stands for Playstation + Computer. And this is all you need.

1nsaint3545d ago

@rainslacker yeah i noticed that too, lots of PS fans didnt mind it to much when they announced the ps4 wouldn't be backwards compatible, while before the announce, the backwards compatible was a hot topic, for both consoles.

I don't find it bad to discuss either, that's even what draws me too all these rumor articles, to see the guys in the comments talk about it.
If only we could discuss it with MS or Sony for a change :p

I don't even read the articles anymore.
Cause well all the articles still say the same things as all the others, hell even the ones of 2 months ago.
Many sites know the topic is a good way to fish for hits sadly.

Anyway, hopefully its like you said, that it will be optional, or will only be used for other things.

camel_toad3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

If it ends up this way I hope it doesn't cause any similar issues to the train wreck that is sim city.

SatanSki3546d ago

Cant believe its 11 hours since you posted a reasonable statement on N4G and there is no one "dissagree". Im shocked ;-)

MikeMyers3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )


If it is true and they are the only console doing it then yes, it doesn't sound good. Not for consumers that is but publishers would like it. Microsoft is going to have to have a clear direction with the next Xbox. They won't be able to rely on the competitions mistakes this time or have an advantage of coming out first.

That means Xbox Live will have to prove its worth much more than in the past if a fee is still attached to just gaining access online for games. It also means they will have to create more in-house ip's and not coast of existing ones. They will also need to define what's different about the new Xbox. That could be the new Kinect or something else and if it is an upgraded Kinect show us why we would want to use it and not force it into games.

Boody-Bandit3546d ago

I really hope these are just rumors and rumors only. AOAC would be a deal breaker for me and the 360 is my main gaming device. It's not even close and I own them ALL (Wii, PS3, 360 and a killer PC gaming rig). I did not purchase a Wii U because of the direction Nintendo went with it and I will not purchase the Next Box if MS does in fact goes this route.

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brandonb213547d ago

if this is true Microsoft shot them self's in the foot

Blackdeath_6633546d ago

agreed they could have easily offered the same features but allow the people who don't want to use those features the option to turn them off that way MS gets what they wanted without causing a scene but no, they went ahead and did what everyone ever knows is a bad idea.

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Prcko3547d ago

"Always On, Always Connected" Is It Already Game Over For Microsoft's Next XBox?

GribbleGrunger3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

... Why does everything have to be reduced to hyperbole and superlatives? How about we approach each issue from a neutral standpoint and then adjust our views as new info surfaces. Even if this IS true, we can't call it 'game over' until we see the general public's response.

N0S3LFESTEEM3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )


adorie3546d ago

Hey. I can agree with this, unless we're talkin' EA, then I am going to have to show my biased side. :)