Forza Motorsport 2 Q&A

And with another great interview from XCN, here is some great stuff to read about Forza Motorsport 2. Inside you'll find info about customization, the livery editor, damage, weather and much much more.
The object for the interview this time is Dan Greenawalt, Game Director of Turn10 Studios. Enjoy!

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power of Green 5898d ago

I hope this tittle is as fun as Test Drive with the controller. I guess i'll get the Force feed back wheel anyways.

Pathetic N4G Website5898d ago

Already posted 4 days ago here on N4G and credited with the original source,

General5898d ago

More time to make it better and polish it up ;)

tackleb0x5897d ago

Seems like I read that interview last week some time.

PS360PCROCKS5897d ago

This is good tho, even tho it had a delay and some bad press he atleast knows whats wrong and knows what the game will be and its always good to have a good vision