Why Next-Gen Isn’t Just A Time For Better Graphics And Better Games

An Opinion piece about how game engines have the potential to change the industry.

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black9112037d ago

Yes it is and we all know it.

Derekvinyard132037d ago

good read, had no clue enslaved was going to be a movie until Hollywood said no. TBH who cares Hollywood doesn't know how to make a good video game movie if there lives depended on it

mandf2036d ago

Every console gen from the beginning is about graphical improvements. Gameplay is an evolution on it's own.

westsidekino2036d ago

Great article! A lot of good points, and its nice to see that commentors over there can discuss without bias raging.

digitalwolf2036d ago

Actually part of why i wrote the article was because of some of our conversation :D

This is an idea i'm rather passionate about <3

Kos-Mos2036d ago

Why is the hottest topic about next gens always the graphics? It`s been a long time I talked about graphics. I guess some people grow up some don`t.
Example: PC people screams about having the best graphics, but some of the most played games are Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. Simply because they are fun.
You hear that Sony and ms, make games fun like Nintendo.

KingKelloggTheWH2036d ago

Well many of the games are beautiful and fun,it all depends on what route they are taking,do they want fun and engaging(zelda,demons souls etc) or do they want to have a game with gorgeous visuals and a epic cinematic experience(Uncharted ,Halo)

jacksheen00002036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


The reason is the because the more realistic graphic looks in a game, the more the game would feel emotionally driven.

That why nvidia used robots technology as an example on one of their demo(titan GPU video that is)

Nvidia wanted to show some comparison to how people would react in similar situation when humans interact with humanoid robot that are very realistic and lifelike; closely resemble to human behavior.

This GEN will bring something new graphic wise. that why its a hot topic right now.

araman2036d ago

jack, some of the most emotional moments in gaming have some of the most craptastic graphics you've ever seen, and those moments still hold up today.

araman2036d ago

Don't forget DOTA. But yes, gamers are generally hypocrites (those that don't approach the industry level-headed), this was established some time ago.

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Good_Guy_Jamal2036d ago

I hope the emphasis on next gen isn't just graphics, I want a new experience.
This is why I'll be buying a WiiU eventually, because I believe it offers something different. I'm hoping SONY reveal more on the PS4 other than the fact that the games are really really pretty.
With all the rumours that nextbox will be always online, I'm not putting much faith in Microsoft. I'll wait and see.

KingKelloggTheWH2036d ago

Well Infamous should be a blast if Infamous:festival of blood is any indication :)

Good_Guy_Jamal2036d ago

I played part of infamous 1 and the whole of 2 but not Festival of Blood, what was different about it?

KingKelloggTheWH2036d ago

At your question,blood fesitival had areally good enemies that were fun to fight and tons of Awesome new powers it is a blast :D

chukamachine2036d ago

I agree there needs to be more fun games for people with current and next gen machines.

But it needs to have it's own section.

We all know FPS,TPS if done properly sell well.

Great racing games sell well.

Rayman origins was excellent and look forward to newer ones.

Can't really understand why no other company has used Mario as an example and built from it. It's a side scrolling platform game ffs.

Mario galaxy are good games as well.


Festival was about cole being bitten by a vamp and has until dawn to find and destroy the main one that got him, he has some new powers, and it's a good spin from a good series.