NVIDIA reveals Volta next-gen GPU platform

Engadget: "We're here at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, and company CEO Jen Hsun-Huang has just revealed the next step in its GPU roadmap. Called Volta, it's scheduled to arrive after Maxwell, and will advance GPU technology with a ridiculous amount of memory bandwidth. Volta GPUs will have access to up to 1TB per second of bandwidth"

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NYC_Gamer2038d ago the 7xx series=Kepler refresh.

fr0sty2038d ago

Doesn't look like we'll be seeing this tech for a while.

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TechnicianTed2037d ago

Nvidia make a healthy profit from what they do, I doubt that's going to change because of the ps4. This article doesn't have anything to with the ps4 anyway.

ginsunuva2038d ago

Yup, even hundred's place = new architecture. Odd = upgrade

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jmc88882038d ago

Yeah that's what they've been saying.

Maxwell is a 2014 part.

This means Volta should be a 2016 part.

Pain_Killer2037d ago

Exactly, the current roadmap is something like this:

Kepler 28nm - 2012
Kepler 28nm Refresh - 2013

Maxwell 20nm - 2014
Maxwell 20nm Refresh - 2015

Volta 20/14nm - 2016

Nevertheless, impressive stuff for the PC industry. Currently we are maxed out at 288GB/s from NVIDIA's Titan.

Maxwell would push this upto 500 GB/s memory bandwidth and Volta finally making PC users achieve 1 TB/s mark. And it doesn't necessarily means that the bandwidth would be restricted to only high-end cards but next generation mid-end GPUs would also end up with 800 GB/s which is very impressive and achievable with the stacked DRAM design.

Unified memory architecture on Maxwell is also impressive since it allows cross data sharing between Maxwell's GDDR6 ram and the main DDR4 system ram which would be available on PCs in 2014 notably the LGA 2011 platform.

You can compare the memory like this:

NVIDIA Volta - Peak 1 TB/s
NVIDIA Maxwell - Peak 500 GB/s
NVIDIA GTX Titan - 288 GB/s
PlayStation 4 - 172 GB/s
HD 7850 - 167.4 GB/s

Memory specifications on the next gen PC GPU architectures is impressive but i firmly believe that their raw processing power would also increase substantially with 10-20 TFlops achievable with Volta. Im looking forward to what both NVIDIA and AMD are going to offer in their future generation GPU platform.

Atleast GDDR6 is confirmed for PC with NVIDIA Maxwell and AMD Volcanic Island GPUs in 2014.

ProjectVulcan2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Even a refresh typically adds at least 10 percent more performance and lower prices for equivalent speed virtually across the board. If nothing else you get more bang for your buck because several new revisions of silicon should improve the yields and make it cheaper to manufacture.

The 'best' time to buy is probably not long after new parts launch (maybe a month) just after their price premium has gone and the channel is stocked with parts, because they should stay relevant for the longest period.

I bought an i7 920 and a board based on this theory and 4 and a half years still provides a solid backbone to a decent gaming PC

Everytime I see CPU tests with the i7 920 still in there kicking ass and taking names at its stock clocks no less....makes me smile. Its 4 and a half years old!!!

Take that console gamers saying you have to upgrade everything all the time...

Maxwell is probably due Summer 2014 and appears that it will be twice as fast as a GTX680 and thus also blowing Titan out of the water easily.

What matters to most people however is that something like GTX680 performance will be lower midrange and priced as such in about 15 months....

Yum yum!

fr0sty2037d ago

Vulcan, when the GPU that you do have to upgrade every few years costs as much (or almost as much) as an entire console, that kinda destroys your argument. Impressive that CPU has held up so well none the less.

ProjectVulcan2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

Not really frosty.

Mainly because the backbone of the machine being Board/CPU/RAM combo can last such a long time and is typically the most costly/most work to replace. Whereas a GPU upgrade is not only simple, is easily paid for with the money saved on the cost of games. PC games are a lot cheaper on launch and their price usually falls quicker as well.

Seriously if console games get any more expensive as they are apparently going to get then it'll just make something like a GPU upgrade even more justifiable.

Besides the fact the old one is worth something when it is time to sell up and buy a new one anyway.....

If I swap my GPU every 2 years and I have a decent one before worth £100 at the time of upgrade, net cost to me might only be 150 squids.

I save at least £200 every year buying PC games instead of console ones....

Such is life.

You don't buy a Sports car without thinking how much the thing costs to actually run, tax, fuel, maintenance, insurance....PC might look expensive at first glance but over the years it actually isn't compared to consoles.

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DoomeDx2037d ago

Dude shouldnt this be on Tech Spy?
Im sure 90% of the people on N4G have no clue what this is about lol

Hellsvacancy2037d ago

Lol, im sitting hear reading the comments and scratching my head

solar2037d ago

omfg you are soooo stupid DoomeDx. the PS4 has the BEST low end APU on the market.

You said nothing about the PS4 but this is an Nvidia thread so you must hate the ps4

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ajax172037d ago

Lol, one person disagreed! Like, "nope, I'm still not impressed."

Trago13372038d ago

looks like we wont be seeing this for a while then.

--Onilink--2038d ago

2-3 years tops... PC components evolve rather quickly

Trago13372038d ago

Certainly hopes so. Been meaning to upgrade for a bit. Just waiting for the right moment.

Hydrolex2038d ago

there's never a right moment...

doesn't work like that with technology bud !

it's always improving and if you wait, you have to wait till you die...

AzaziL2037d ago

@Trago1337 a few tips:
1 - Build on your budget, if it takes more than a year to pay off (or save up for), your spending too much.

2 - Don't get the most expensive parts for a few fps, go for the best bang for your buck, eventually parts for half the price will outperform whatever you have in 2-3 years.

3 - Don't wait, but don't rush either, if your patient, you can shop around for components when they're on sale and build a rig for real cheap. Buying all the parts at one place at one time will cost more than shopping around and getting the best deal for all your parts.

Follow these steps and you'll be able to have a new rig every 2-3 years and keep up to date, I used to make the classic mistake of spending too much and was stuck with PCs for years longer than I would've liked. Now I spend $1,000 tops and can upgrade every other year.

imXify2037d ago

There's no point of doing it that fast when there's no competition around. I'll wait for AMD.

kupomogli2037d ago

We still won't be seeing on in awhile because even when it's out, it'll be out of our price range. Unless there are those of us who want a product that we're not going to be using since there's nothing out there to take advantage of the best of the best of everything as it is.

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Jughead34162038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Based on the graph they had, it appeared to be at least 2015 before we see this technology. Sounds impressive though. Is this their response to PS4? I know they've sounded kind of bitter lately.

--Onilink--2038d ago

not really, most graphics cards these days have a higher transfer rate than the PS4 GPU, and this new tech completely blows out anything seen on the PS4 or any current card for that matter

--Onilink--2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Gotta love the disagreeing blind people here in this site, even a regular gtx 570, which was not even the top card for the 500 series has a transfer rate of about 160Gb/s. The PS4 has 180, which is actually quite good. But recent cards are already with transfer rates of 250-260Gb/s. This thing is gonna have a massive transfer rate of 1Tb/s. please do explain to me how this doesnt blow out current cards(and by the default, the ps4 gpu)

jmc88882037d ago

Well there's also quite a few other factors that show midrange 2011 GPU's equal a PS4, and midrange 2012 already are about a 1/3 beyond it. Midrange 7XX series could be a raw 40-100 percent increase (probably around the lower end), which would mean probably greater than double a PS4's raw power.

Then Maxwell could double that. Refresh about 50 percent better than that. Then Volta, which seems to be a pretty big leap.

Think about it, at ~24 GFlops a watt, they are basically saying the Volta, probably midrange will be a 10 TFlop part.

Then if you consider the dual gpu part, it alone should be 20-25 TFlops and you'll be able to no doubt put to in there and get about 40-50 TFlops performance, compared to 1.8 TFlops of PS4.

So something in the neighborhood of 10-50 TFlop performance approximately 3 years or less after the PS4 is out.

I've been saying it since the specs of the PS4 were 'officially revealed' (and speculated even beforehand when leaked) that while the PS4/720/Wii U are fine systems, this new generation will hold PC gaming back far more than the current one.

Not at first, as the bottom quality will raise massively for PC games, but overall you will have PC's that are almost 30x as powerful three years later (as opposed to 8-9x at launch with GTX 790x2 vs PS4's 1.8 TFlops). Then think 7-8 years out instead of 3.

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--Onilink--2037d ago


So your "research" is showing 1 card only, which even PC gamers agree is way overpriced...
Regular cards, the numbered series are never close to those prices, X70 version, $350-$400, X80 $450-$500 and the X90s that are the expensive one.

And none of the change the fact that current cards already have the same or more transfer rate, with the 7xx series coming up which is going to increase that, then the Maxwell series, and then this one. And in case you dont realize it, my comment was actually in reply to edterry who was saying if this was a response to the PS4, which doesnt even make sense if current cards are already better.

I never said it would "undermine" the PS4, i simply pointed out the obvious, which is that a card thats gonna come out 2-3 years from now, with some very interesting tech/design is going to blow away what current cards are doing, and obviously what the PS4/720 has

Ragthorn2037d ago

I agree with Onilink in that the GTX Titan is overpriced. Just love it when people go on and say crap about the PC crowd, but don't even know what they saying.
Weren't you told to think before you say?

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Pandamobile2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I'm not sure why Nvidia would be bitter about anything. The PS4 isn't exactly a threat to them in any way. This is just a natural progression of GPU hardware.

classic2002038d ago

Well to be honest if devs are going to be programming mostly for AMD cards now then I could see AMD card being the better cards for gaming in a year or 2 which is not good for nvidia.

Pandamobile2038d ago

Not really. Nvidia still owns like 75% of the PC GPU market, so any dev that skimps out on proper optimization for Nvidia cards is really going to be biting themselves in the ass.

chukamachine2037d ago

I don't think Nvidia is thinking of it as PS4.

They are bad mouthing AMD, which is nothing new.

Regardless, i'll wait till 2016 to think about buying a new GPU, when some newer tech comes along GPU wise for my comp.

Buying another dx11 part now is a waste of money.

PS4 has the games I want. And that's why I game.

For all else there is PC, and some games:)

OpenGL2037d ago

Nvidia has a foot in the mobile industry and if Tegra continues to improve at the rate it is Nvidia could have a real winner on their hands within the next few years.

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AO1JMM2038d ago

Damn.... going to need a loan to get 1 of those cards.

jmc88882037d ago

Not really, you can get a PS4 level power for $200 or so.

mushroomwig2037d ago

What does the PS4 have to do with anything? This card is going to be incredibly expense, changing the subject isn't going to change that.

ALLWRONG2037d ago

Only reason why anyone is talking about the PS4 is because of what NVIDIA said. Expect the PS guys to be in anything NVIDIA from now on.

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