CheatCC Review: Ninja Reflex - Act Fast!

CheatCC writes: "Ninja Reflex aims to improve your reaction time to ninja-like levels. It sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is a simple premise, but there's some pretty smart gameplay behind this simplistic idea. And if you think this game is only going to test your ability to hit buttons quickly, then you are quite mistaken. The game uses party-style mini-games to test and strengthen your reflexes in several ways. And the good news is that these mini-games are actually quite fun, and don't suffer from the repetitiousness that many other games in the emergent "self-improvement" genre suffer from. "

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wiizy3967d ago

sounds like a decent effort by ea

BrotherNick3967d ago

It's okay, it's limited to only 6 games...It should be 30 not 40...there's only 6 actual games...if they put like 6 more that were decent then I can see spending 40, cause you can rotate through them all and it won't feel the same.