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Scott from The Controller Online writes: "For many of us, Gears of War served to welcome us to the Xbox 360 platform, being one of the biggest titles to hit the console after its inaugural year. With the release of Gears of War 3 I felt that the series had reached its pinnacle by finally finding its place on the multiplayer side of things, and setting a new standard for co-op play. What I didn’t expect, was that there would be a new game coming to the series so soon after GoW 3, and after designer, Cliff Blezinski, left Epic Games, but here we are. This time, People Can Fly are in pilot’s seat and it’s time to see if they can live up the Gears of War standard. You might say, it’s time for them to face their Judgment."

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josephayal2093d ago

Def the Best Gears of War

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I think you've commented on just about every Gears review posted today.