Gears of War: Judgment 5 Years Later

David from BagoGames writes: Gears of War‘s influence on the gaming industry can’t be understated. While Kill Switch beat it to the punch by three years, Gears of War spawned a movement. Virtually every third person game with guns since its release has incorporated a cover system. It’s gotten to the point that a third person action game without a cover system in this day and age is an anomaly. The original Gears of War trilogy stands as one of last generation’s best. With that said, I have only just recently played through Gears of War: Judgment for the first time after playing the numbered entries, including Gears of War 4. It didn’t move as many units as Gears of War 3, but does that mean it’s not worth playing five years later?

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spicelicka911d ago

The campaign was low budget but I really liked it, and Overrun mode was a blast. Just didn't like the change in controls.

Sayai jin911d ago

They should have left in DBNO.

rockwhynot911d ago

I thought they kept DBNO in team multiplayer games as well as co-op campaign. They should have kept executions in multiplayer. Didn't even feel like gears without any executions.

PUBG911d ago

This was a pretty good game with really good graphics, but I agree that the change in the controls was pointless, and the achievements were really tough to get, compared to the previous three games.

BlackIceJoe911d ago

I personally like how this game was, but the reason it failed was because people wanted a Gears game that played like past Gears games and had it been a new IP instead it would have been a success. So I'd like to see a game that plays like that game, but be a whole new IP instead.

Profchaos911d ago (Edited 911d ago )

It was ok but the story kind of sucked compared to the other gears games

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