Capcom Says No Patch For SD Screens and Monster Hunter

"I’m currently playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for review. I have both the 3DS and the Wii U version of the game. I’m playing the Wii U version of the game on an SD TV, because that’s what I have at my house.

During my time with the that version of the game I’ve had a lot of trouble reading the text on the screen because it’s so small. Menu options and inventory screens are generally readable, but the dialogue boxes in the game have text that is so small that it’s almost unreadable. Since there is no voiced dialogue in the game all of the story bits are done in these small text boxes.

I asked representatives from Capcom about the text size problem, because while it might not be a large issue there will be people like me who can’t fully enjoy the game because of that. There response to me was as follows:", writes Nintendo-Okie.

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jwk942746d ago

Wait. You can afford to purchase a $350 console, but have yet to upgrade to an HDTV of any size?

fr0sty2746d ago

No joke... you bought an HD console. Get a HDTV to hook it up to. You can get HDTVs for under $200 now.

WiiUsauce2746d ago

yeah the Sony PS3 3D tv is a great deal for cheap. I don't know why this guys complaining when there are so many cheap HDTV options out there.

animegamingnerd2746d ago

funny how my TV was cheaper then the wii u

DA_PRGamer2746d ago

yea the sony tv its $149 on some places

Derekvinyard132746d ago

dude u have to get a HDTV theres no reason to buy any console these days if you dont have one

rainslacker2745d ago

Market saturation of HDTV's is still less than 50% in the US. Quite surprising since it's about all you can buy now. I think it's projected to breach 50% in 2016 based on the last thing I read about it.

Still I kind of agree...if you are reviewing games or writing about them in general, you should at least make an attempt at getting the bare minimum that the developers use to present the game.

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smashman982746d ago

Back when the ps3 and 360 first came out this wouldve been an issue to sympathize with however that was over half a decade ago and that ship has sailed
If u don't have an HDTV into the 2nd generation of hd consoles its your own fault especially since they can be found for so cheap now

SamPao2746d ago

jup totaly agree on that

I can't take it that one of my friends still plays on a fat-tv... its such a joke tbh

Transporter472746d ago

I don't believe that's a fair view, if you make a product exclusively for HD then i would agree, but if you make a product that also supports SD this should not be an issue, it's just saying look we know there is a problem and were not fixing it, regardless of how small that problem is, you shouldn't be penalize for owning a SDTV if you bought a product that's suppose to be compatible with it.

Rezka2746d ago

Capcom should be considerate of monster hunter's purchasers not everyone is gonna have a hd tv

Nodoze2746d ago

WiiU Deluxe console - 349.99
Monster Hunter - 59.99
Not spending this 410 dollars on an HDTV = PRICELESS

KrisButtar2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

i thought the wii u came with hdmi cables, how did they hook it up to an old tv? i guess there is some work-around, and by that, your not using the system the way it was intended, and this is the end result, games not displaying right

deafdani2746d ago

You can just use the old Wii's AV cables.

KrisButtar2746d ago

cool, thanks for clearing that up(i would still call that a work-around). also it was big nintendo news that the wii u was hd console, and the person in question should have realized that not using the hdmi cord, that came with the system was going to cause problems down the road.

deafdani2746d ago

I'm not arguing that, it's definitely absurd to play an HD console on an SDTV nowadays, especially considering HDTV's are so stupidly cheap now.

I was merely replying to you how to play Wii U on a SDTV, is all. :)

KrisButtar2746d ago

I apologize if I came across the wrong way, I was merely shocked, that the Wii cable worked at all, and someone would not use the cable provided. Lol.

Lovable2746d ago

Damn he can afford Wii U, but not HD TV?

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