PALGN: Ferrari Challenge Preview

Can System 3's Ferrari love-fest make a name for itself as the new generation of console finally settles in? PALGN recently had an opportunity to check out the PlayStation 3 version of the game (which is also coming to Wii and DS) at the Australian distributor Red Ant's offices, and while it's not a game that's going to slay the giants of the genre, it was fun and could certainly be something to look forward to for racing fans, and obviously for Ferrari fans in particular.

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Kleptic3965d ago

looks kind of cool I guess...and I was unaware that the DS has sub PS1 wonder that thing is selling so good...

P.S. I know I 'offers more than just graphics'...don't even bother...

belal3965d ago

will be one of the best racing games this year.