Is This The New PlayStation Store?

This morning Kotaku was sent an anonymous tip from a developer claiming to have a sneak peek at the soon to be revamped PlayStation Store.

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gonzopia3964d ago

If it's got Sackboy... it's good. ;)

Regardless of whether this is real or fake, I like the layout a lot better. It looks like it takes proper advantage of the space offered, and it may be a bit easier to navigate. Only time will tell.

sonarus3964d ago

it looks fake. But glad to knw update to ps store is coming maybe now we can get daily updates instead of having to wait for a specific day. Though not such a big deal but it would be nice

Lifendz3964d ago

Still not there. C'mon Sony. You made a gorgeous looking console. Even the console's website is sleek. The PS Store looks so generic. I mean, so bland and blue. Jeez. The blue is so....well blah. Good start but come with it Sony. Make the PSN something that isn't an eyesore.

Sayai jin3963d ago

@lifendz - Agreed. If you look at that technincal marvel in the PS3 with all its abilities (blu-ray, Cell, and the list go on). One can not help to be impressed, but compare all of tis spectacular features to to PSN and the PSN seems like it is outdated and should be apart of late last gen. It does not feel like it should be part of a machine that is that far advance in tech. People will say that PSN is relatively new, but so is the PS3. Others will mention home. Home will without a doubt improve the PSN. Itwill be a sim based online feature, which will be popular to some and not to others, but I m talking about basic stuff like in gme XMB, in game cross game chat, etc. I always here it will be here in a few months, bt really it should have been there at launch or shortly after. I just want the best out of my PS3 online service.

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THC CELL3964d ago

looking good i see
if its real

looks like we are getting the home beta in April then ?

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The story is too old to be commented.