Famitsu Compares PS3 With PS2

A comparison of Sony's next-gen gaming machine with the current industry leader.

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TheMART5897d ago

So it's actually a PS2! Damn that's value for the money! I must say the design is better now. But still it's large, larger then the 360.

First we heard everybody complaining the 360 would be too big and now this thing is the largest around. Isn't that a problem anymore to the PS3 buyers?

Arkham5897d ago

Now how did we know you were going to make the first post? WTH is with you anyway? Is posting comments just safer because you won't get the beatings you got in class?

calderra5897d ago

There is actually a point to his words for once, though. Last gen, Sony slammed Xbox all across the world of gaming media for being too large, too expensive, and for having invested too much in technologies when "small differences in hardware do not matter". (quote from Kutaragi)

Now Sony is commiting the ultimate hypocrisy by breaking virtually ALL of those standards. A few more:

-"The boomerang controller is final. We will not be changing it despite the complaints."
-"Playstation 3 will not have a unified online service."
-"A simultaneous global launch is impossible." (well, they were going to try for a while, until their OWN prediction held true for them)

crazymad595897d ago

i'm sure that would have been a great read....if i could read japanese.

Arkham5897d ago

Just make up your own words! Fun! ;) It was interesting to see the side-by-side comparisons. The new controller & triggers may take some getting used to, but it's still a good design.

uuuunvnv25897d ago

That is a very good looking piece of hardware. i like the see threw black caseing. I still would have to say the 360 has the edge on the controler though. if your controler is running out of life, are you going to get a notice on the screen, or is the light on "the back" of the controler going to flash. Got to love the ring of light!!!

TheXgamerLive5897d ago

That's Japan to English translation, meaning what the hell is George Foreman doing working at sony? LOL, kidding, it would of been nice to of read the site someone so nicely posted a link to for us non japanese audiences to see.

Oh well.

PS3n3605897d ago

Damn that thing is ugly. It really looks outdated. Barely any difference between the ps2 and ps3 and the ps2 is decade old. If you asked a non gamer which was the older machine I believe they would pick the PS3 due to its enourmous size. I would rather they made the power brick external and cut the size down. I will wait till they have a slim version before buying one.

Bhai5897d ago

...yeah PS2's about a decade old but the great thing about it is that it still kicks even 360's arse pretty much when it comes to the fine small sized one, the sales figure and that number of breath-taking games its still having !!!

DEIx15x85897d ago

Sony's slim models suck hard. The PS2 Slim is a waste of money that is barely even a PS 1.5 from my experience. I may not be a PS fan but i've got a friend who has each and the Slim has insane load times and extremely poor graphics when compared to the regular PS2 and especially the Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.