New Wipeout HD trailer

A new trailer has appeared for Wipeout HD, called Gravity Ends. The game was supposed to come out in the holiday season last year, but it still isn't here unfortunately. A new release date hasn't been announced so far, but in the meantime you can check out the video inside.

This trailer perfectly illustrates what Wipeout is all about, namely super fast action with a couple of vehicles on futuristic tracks. This all happens in a sexy 60 frames per second and a lovely soundtrack for you to listen to.

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timmyp533964d ago

Although the music was kindah annoying. Is this a PSN game only?

TheHater3964d ago

yeah, this is only for the psn.

sonarus3964d ago

what was the name of that other racer that was like this but ended up getting canceled for ps3 and only came out on 360 due to Unreal Engine 3 issues. It was last yr and it was made by koei i think.

resistance1003964d ago

I think you mean Fatal Inertia. However that really was a poor game

TheHater3964d ago

yeah, Fatal Inertia sucks actually. I download the demo, and I hated it

Lifendz3964d ago

alleviates any problems with the music. Can't wait to cruise around to Nickleback, Lupe, and some Timbaland. Good times ahead.

Glad to be a gamer3963d ago

Fatal inertia was a decent game once you got the hang of it. but there just were not enough tracks imo and some of the ships art design leaved a lot to be desired.

I get my future racing fix from f zero gx(gc) on my wii at the mo. great game.

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killer_trap3964d ago

I'll only get this if it's priced below $30 cause i know a proper ps3 sequel is coming. one wipeout game has always been enough for me.


Loving the music as always but this trailer has been posted many times already.

gonzopia3963d ago

I haven't seen it before. This was my first exposure (beyond screenshots) of Wipeout HD and I'm pleasantly surprised... I may have to consider picking this up now and rejoining the anti-gravity racing league. :)

macalatus3963d ago

the soundtrack for wipeout 2 for the PS1 was pretty sweet. I hope they the soundtrack to wipeout 2 as a DLC.

PS: Prodigy rocked in that soundtrack!!

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