PlayStation Legion Review - Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS3)

Having been available in Europe for a while now, this soccer (football) game will shortly be released on American soil, thus allowing you PS3 owners the ability to experience Pro Evolution Soccer's first next-gen outing on a PlayStation console. The question remains however...will PES provide an entertaining experience of this beautiful and loved sport, as its previous incarnations have managed?

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Broken link, the server is down by the looks of it, however will be back up soon

jromao3972d ago

WARNING: PES 2008 is excelent game, but to any, like me, who bought PES from just to be able to join the on-line tournament and after schedule several matches with other players (in same league) who didn't show up for that specific match and not even a reply or any news from them, just silence !?!?

Then I saw that "missing" players to show up on league tables with winning scores ?? while I got defeats ??? (and there isn't any tech problem or communication issue).

What a SCAM !!!, I was out and just few days ago I was able to check this scam, I'm preparing report to and Konami.

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The site is back up. Enjoy!