DarkZero: Samurai Warriors: Katana Review

Dark Zero writes: "I've lost track of how many games I've played in the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series in the last year or so, they have all been so similar they sort of blend together into one very mediocre mess. I've been saying for ages that they need to do something with the games other than the minor tweaks they do with every iteration, and it looks like somebody at Koei might have been listening. This latest incarnation in the Samurai Warriors franchise is a complete departure from the well worn rut the series has been stuck in.

The first major difference you'll notice when starting a game is that it's now a first person game, this may seem a little odd for a game that has always been a hack-and-slash type of game, but it's not so odd really. The Wii controller is ideal for hacking and slashing in first person, as well as using all sorts of other weapons that you get to use as the game progresses."

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