U.S. September Video Game Sales Up 38%

Initial reports from research firm NPD Group shows that video games sales in the U.S. for September rose by 38 percent, compared to the same period last year.

As quoted by news agency Associated Press, video game analyst Anita Frazier states that the market has improved by 11 percent on the previous year so far and is expected to improve further. Frazier also claimed that a record year for the industry is now "a given".

Total video game sales for the month rose from $563 million last year to a new record of $777 million. Hardware sales rose as much as 71 percent to $244 million, with the Nintendo DS selling more than 400,000 units alone and bringing its U.S. total to 6.3 million – around 1 million more than the PSP.

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omansteveo6345d ago

Good post Outlaw this is good news for the game industry

OutpostCommand6344d ago

Its nice to see such a thing-
Hopefully, gaming will soon be accepted as a full time job.

Daewoodrow6344d ago

great news! And according to the estimates, Xbox 360 sales will reach 10 million before december is over. Either way, for all consoles, sales that surpass expectations draw the attention of investors.

Bill Gates I Am6344d ago

Yeah, my bank balance took a hammering in September. Ouch!


The future of Xbox: Will history remember 'the end of exclusive games' as the right choice?

A gamble that could pay off, or backfire.

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Jin_Sakai2d ago

Xbox is pretty much irrelevant at this point and PlayStation will open up a massive player base for Xbox games.

Obscure_Observer1d 19h ago

Yeah, it´s so "irrelevant" that even publishers and developers that used to skip Xbox and keep their games exclusive to either or both Nintendo and Sony, are now heading towards to Series Consoles.

Playstation "massive" player base couldn´t prevent Sony from losing freaking 10 Billion after its latest financial report, and PC which used to be treated as Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner.

Those are the facts.

1d 16h ago
Crows901d 15h ago

Another fact for you. Developments is pretty standardized now compared to before.

Many games still skip Xbox consoles.

1d 13h ago
Ironmike1d 13h ago

Sony going to be doing the same watch next Yr

1d 13h ago
S2Killinit1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

Xbox has never been as irrelevant as it is today. So much so that they are releasing their games on other consoles to make a profit.


anast1d 12h ago

It will be up by 20 billion by the end of the 4th quarter.

StormSnooper1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Even you can’t deny that Xbox isn’t what it used to be. They lose more ground with every generation.

derek1d 7h ago

@Obscure, lol. You guys are delusional. The stock went down and it will go back up. PC is a partner? There is nothing to partner with concerning pc, it's is an open platform and Sony will use it as it sees fit.

Markusb3323h ago

imagine thinking anyone needs to listen to the company that has came 3rd place in every gen in every gen it was on the market, xb pretends its driving the industry this is not the case, when you have to say every screen is an xb you know you have to only a 3rd party publisher.

Philaroni23h ago

I don't do this much but I'll make and effort. This is at both Obscure_Observer and Jin_Sakai.

First off, none of the systems are irrelevant. I, myself am getting a bit tried of all the doom and gloom comments. The real facts are yes, MS is in 3rd place (BOOH ooh) they still make cash, good for them. Nintendo is about as healthy of a company that next to never has laid people off when all others did. Third, Sony is being Sony, They are or at least at this time of writing, have understood they can't with the cost of games do things how they use too.

@Obscure The loss of 10 Billion is in market value. That is not just due to them lowering expectations for the PS5 but as products as a whole. Unless you have some Sony stock like I do. It matters little, The market will correct itself as it tends to do. Its just share holders selling when it was high and not seeing it getting higher up. As complex as it is, they do answer more to the NIK then the DOW or others. Much more going on there then just PlayStation as Japan is having some major social and economical issues atm. For some information on how this works I will just quote.

"Market value or OMV is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive auction setting. Market value is often used interchangeably with open market value, fair value or fair market value, although these terms have distinct definitions in different standards, and differ in some circumstances"

It really means nothing to us gamers, Sony and MS are so far apart in this its a joke to compare. Though I get why gamers see this and freak out.

On the MS side, they got all the capital in the world, right now.. I hope we see it translate in to good games and want the best for it all, though, though history and my personal experience working at MS. Cash does not solve issues, you can have the money but if you don't pay the right person/people to do it then you get nothing out of it, and we don't in the end.

I do think MS is trying hard to be the best version of themselfs in the Xbox brand. Though.... The thing that sticks with me is.... how is it the largest, most powerful, software company in the world still has no game engine of there own? Slipstream failed, hard, Mixer dead. They seem to be as bad as google on just green lighting things and then never really cultivating those who are there.

Cacabunga18h ago(Edited 18h ago)

FF7R? When is it coming to your box?

“ Sony´s *main* competitor according to Andrew House, is now their main partner. ”

Ok so you prefer what, when Xbox is a competitor or a partner?? Cause it’s2 totally different things.. you cannot like both except if you are a brand fanboy only which means you are delusional

Sonic188116h ago(Edited 16h ago)


Watching you have a nervous breakdown is hilarious. It's like you put all your energy in Microsoft and Xbox and they let you down and betrayed your loyalty to them. Everything you said in the past is irrelevant now 😂

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Laxus1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

so irrelevant that they own some of the biggest games in the world.

Call of Duty. Minecraft. Elder Scrolls.
Nothing playstation has comes even close. But Xbox is irrelevant. Sure 😂

I think it's weird how Playstation fanboys are rooting for the destruction of Xbox. You actually don't like games if you do. Cuz we have seen how Sony acts when they get cocky. That's why they have no games this year and you'll eat it up.

NotoriousWhiz1d 9h ago

No games even with a solid GOTY contender launching next week? If you say so.

Jin_Sakai1d 6h ago (Edited 1d 6h ago )

“so irrelevant that they own some of the biggest games in the world.“

I’m referring to the Xbox hardware not the software. 🙄

Knightofelemia1d 4h ago

I'm a Playstation fan and I am not rooting for the destruction of Xbox. People are allowed to choose which platform they want to game on. I chose Playstation because of the diversity of games and I also like the Playstation studios they have under their belt. I also chose Playstation and Nintendo because they get more of the niche Japanese games. Xbox was going to get Gal Gun and Microsoft scrapped it. I use to like Gears of War when Epic still had it I bought a Series X just to play Gears. But the last two Gears games have been boring and I sold my Series X to someone who might enjoy it more then I did. Sony games might not push the COD numbers in sales. But at least they are memorable and replayable then a game that is released on a yearly basis like COD. Same shit wash, rinse, repeat.

Barlos1d 2h ago

Xbox is irrelevant, not Microsoft. If it wasn't for Microsoft's deep pockets the brand would be dead already.

Markusb3323h ago

irrelavant as a platform as they even advertise not to buy an xbox, they can be the biggest publisher on the planet and have the most money and still be the worst thing in gaming with the lowest quality games because they are lazy and lack style, buying your way to the biggest publisher doesnt make you a success, what a werid way to think your a winner.

ravens5221h ago

Whooo. Good thing they bought all those cause your list would be ...

Philaroni21h ago

I want for the love of god to have Xbox go back to the 360 days. They killed it that gen, I will always say this, Sony had the better Console, Xbox had the better System. If not for that I don't think Sony would have pushed for so much more online features to match Xbox.

Those PS Fan boy's are silly, same with Xbox fans. Though, I feel like the Xbox bros, are getting a bit of a short end of the stick atm. Things change yes.. My own taste in games are things like Armored Core and Ace Combat. I know I'm weird. I would kill for MS to use that MechAssault name to make a good $30 or Gamepass day one thing come to life.

Cocky Sony makes me cringe, I don't want another PS3 Sony, where they felt like they where the only moon to land on in all the galaxy, stuck up Sony = Bad, Mad pressured Sony = Good. I think we are seeing them start to some what dial it back.. even so, the ball is really in their court. They have more power then anyone to make games for more people, they just have to get things working out so that they can kind of reach equality? If that makes sense? They seem to be trying................ PSVR2 should have been a day to day launch on PC.. sure they do it now.. but, it lost me as a buyer as all those I know that use VR are on PC. Hell, Be kind of sick if Sony just said 'F-it' and worked with MS to get it on Xbox, I want to see VR expand and really atm. No one wins in that space with out more users... Anyone remember back when Oculus was going to be on Xbox with a free game pad? That never came to be. Sorry.. I'm rambling a bit. Just feel like us gamers could do a better job at times in the choices these places make.


If 2024 is Sony slacking off, then how would you describe the past decade for M$?

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TheEroica18h ago

Down with exclusives games... Down with gamers posing as corporate shills... Power to gamers having access to all games without hardware pay walls!

Eonjay16h ago

And then you get to Nintendo who is like 'Hell No'.

GhostScholar16h ago

That’s odd to say Sony will open up a massive player bass for Xbox games when all
I read on here is that Xbox has no games. Also no one said there won’t be exclusives. People said Sony would never put their games on pc but they did. Lastly, Sony fan boys keep Xbox relevant because Xbox is all they talk about. SMH

Eonjay16h ago

If all you read on N4G is Xbox has no games, you might not know how to read lol.