U.S. September Video Game Sales Up 38%

Initial reports from research firm NPD Group shows that video games sales in the U.S. for September rose by 38 percent, compared to the same period last year.

As quoted by news agency Associated Press, video game analyst Anita Frazier states that the market has improved by 11 percent on the previous year so far and is expected to improve further. Frazier also claimed that a record year for the industry is now "a given".

Total video game sales for the month rose from $563 million last year to a new record of $777 million. Hardware sales rose as much as 71 percent to $244 million, with the Nintendo DS selling more than 400,000 units alone and bringing its U.S. total to 6.3 million – around 1 million more than the PSP.

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omansteveo5894d ago

Good post Outlaw this is good news for the game industry

OutpostCommand5894d ago

Its nice to see such a thing-
Hopefully, gaming will soon be accepted as a full time job.

ChickeyCantor5894d ago

hahah XD omg get a life XD

Daewoodrow5894d ago

great news! And according to the estimates, Xbox 360 sales will reach 10 million before december is over. Either way, for all consoles, sales that surpass expectations draw the attention of investors.

Bill Gates I Am5894d ago

Yeah, my bank balance took a hammering in September. Ouch!