Seen it before? Samsung's game controller looks familiar

The Samsung Bluetooth games controller, which is just a prototype at this point, clips-on to the Galaxy S4, allowing people to play games without using the touchscreen.

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Irishguy953733d ago

Haha, same D-pad and all. But meh anyway, Nintendo already got there for the carbon copy controller
Ah well, the best is always copied

Snookies123733d ago

I don't consider it the best, it's good, but definitely not the best. I don't think any controller has qualified for that actually. There are always flaws in pretty much every generation of controller, although they're usually small.

Gazondaily3733d ago

No controller qualifies as the best of them? Well many will have their own preferences and no one is claiming it's perfect.

There may be flaws in every controller but that doesn't prevent one from being better than the other.

Snookies123733d ago

@Septic - Irishguy95 said it was the best, I'm saying that no controller is the best. It's always an opinion.

Lvl_up_gamer3733d ago

Just because a small minority have the same opinion doesn't make it the best available opinion.

If 100 people say the sky is green and everyone else says it's blue, the doesn't mean those 100 people are right just because it's their opinion.

The 360 controller is the most copied controller by 3rd parties. 3rd parties don't even waste their time with DS3 controllers because they won't sell and wouldn't be worth the cost of producing them.

Sorry but Septic is right. "There may be flaws in every controller but that doesn't prevent one from being better then the other."

The 360 controller is most copied by competitors like Nintendo with their pro controller and 3rd party controller makers.

That's just the facts.

Ju3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

360 controller...meh.

- D-Pad drives me crazy - ever picked the wrong menu because that thing doesn't go where you want to?
- Weak sticks - much lower precision than DS3 and bigger dead zone
- Buttons just feel cheap and convex rounding makes them slippery
- better triggers, though...

And I didn't even mention the async stick layout for people with async hands...well, but some think its the best controller ever made.

Makes me wonder why nobody clones Sony's controller but I guess this has more to do with patents, probably (?)

raytraceme3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

First of all nintendo's pro controller is as much of a copy as xbox's as xbox's copied the dreamcast controller. Two, I see more of nintendo's design bar the DREAMCAST'S abxy buttons than the xbox's with Samsung's new controller.

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guitarded773733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I smell a lawsuit brewing.

StraightPath3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

360 controller is the most cloned controller. Third party controllers always look like the 360 controller.

i just typed in "ps3 third party controller" in google images and see for your self even PS3 third party controllers are all 360 controller clones.

360 controller is one of the best controllers.

wenaldy3733d ago

And 360 copied Dreamcast controller.. Your point?

ALLWRONG3733d ago

wenaldy but we don't see Samsung and Nintendo copying the Dreamcast controller.

trenso13733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i hate when 3rd parties copy the 360 controller, their controllers are often cheaper than the sony ones but i hate they feel the need to copy it and switch the analog stick around as if that is the perfect control scheme. make it bulky like the 360 if you will, but at least make the sticks parallel

NeoTribe3732d ago

Considering the shape of human hands and fingers theres not exactlyto many ways to make a controller so there mostly gonna look alike. Like dude above said, xbox looks just like dreamcast. Its like how all phones are rectancular.... Because it makes sense figurong how are hands are made... Nobodys gonna make a triangular phone just to look different from the competition. Ps4 made there controller slightly larger and now it looks similar to the xbox controller. So all this time the ps3 controller was just like xbox but only smaller...

Gaming_Guru3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

At: NeoTribe

You mean the Xbox controller was just a bigger PlaySation controller, PlayStation was out longer. You don't say a child's parents looks like the child, you say the child looks like the parents. As with that comment all together, I don't see how the new DualShock controller - subject to change - looks like an xbox controller.

Ju3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

The DS4 is based off of the DS3 and nothing else. And it improves upon all which made the DS3 great. I had it in my hands and you can feel the heritage to the DS3 - but it feels much better over all. I couldn't test the sticks (no SW running), but the sticks supposedly improved on the DS3, same with triggers; which I can't tell what the precision is, but they feel nice and sturdy while not overly convex to make them feel odd. Angles are about the same, I think they are actually a little smaller than on DS3 but not by much. The grip has improved, it's not just "bulkier" - it's in fact quite the same size - but the material changed and the surface feels softer and has a grip now. So, if anything, the DS4 will be the best controller ever made.

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miyamoto3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"the best is always copied"

You mean this controller? from 1996?

or these?
or this?

or this?


Yeah Nintendo is so original and innovative. :S

If any company is ripped of by M$ it is mainly SEGA:

online multiplayergaming, controller button layout and triggers, etc then Sony comes second.

Wii U Pro Controller is a rip off of a rip off.

Arkrite3732d ago

LOL at the first pad ive still got the black version of that it came with "Nights into Dreams" for the saturn still got the game and machine too.

jrbeerman113732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

i hate to call controllers "rip offs" of each other as I really don't see much room for innovation....

for instance, what would you do differently on WiiU tablet controller? put the dpad on right side? put the xyab buttons on the left? put the analogs lower?

i guess you could add more buttons, but im pretty sure that the triangle buttons/dual analogs/1 dpad/4 triggers is the way to go.

problem with samsung is they don't even TRY to make it look different, i mean same colors and everything. looks like MS made it themselves.

Derekvinyard133732d ago

Nintendo nes controller was the best

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JeffGUNZ3733d ago

Didn't apple bring the smart phone the where it is today with it's original iphone?

torchic3733d ago

Apple takes ideas and make them infinitely better, like the MP3 player and the touch screen phone.

Samsung takes ideas, put Samsung logos on top and market the living shit out of them.

people give Apple lots of shit when Samsung is the most innovationless company to ever cross the $100 billion market cap.

kwyjibo3733d ago


That's complete bullshit. And yes, Samsung is the ultimate copy-cat, because it copies products and then improves on them and kills everyone else in the market.

Look at them in the TV space, if you want a decent panel - you go Korean. Samsung are the reason Sony are in such dire straits.

And the touch screen smart phone? Samsung is on it. Plenty of people find them an improvement.

torchic3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


it's 2013, it's not difficult to make an iPhone beating smartphone anymore, an "improvement" as you say. everyone caught up, even Nokia & Sony who were nowhere two years ago. it doesn't change the fact that Apple took an idea that was lousy and cumbersome, revolutionised it and with that revolutionised the mobile phone and how it is intergrated into our daily lives. Samsung took Apple's product (not idea) added a faster CPU, a better camera, a little more RAM, uhm and that's about it. no innovation whatsoever.

companies like Sony, Apple, Microsoft (I won't include them since they are a software company) have innovated products that today, have in their own ways changed, advanced and simplified people's lives all over the world. Samsung has NEVER innovated to anywhere close to that extent. they're simply a copy-cat company, making average to good products with a fantastic advertising & marketing strategy team and some good designers (Sir Jonathan Ive and his team at Apple still take the prize for most beautiful designs in the industry)

your point about Samsung making "kills everyone in the market" products is arguable, only to their smartphones. Sony still best them from a technical standpoint from yes TVs, to audio equipment, cameras, etc. Microsoft currently make the best tablets
I could go on forever.

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adorie3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Maybe. I'm definitely getting a GS4 next month, though. ^^

@Below, if you've seen the screen on my phone, ou may understand my decision.

I loved what I saw and it's a straight upgrade for me.
As for the presentation, it was funny, but nothing award winning. I only watched maybe half of it. After the translator portion, I was sold and stopped watching to do other things.

kwyjibo3733d ago

Maybe I'm still smarting from how much I hated the the GS4 launch presentation. It was horrendously outrageously tasteless broadway bullshit.

But I still think the HTC One is the better device.

Neither of them are going to stop me getting the Nexus 4 though, it just totally undercuts the top tier phones and still performs well.

majiebeast3733d ago

Who would copy that dpad its the worst Jerry the worst.

Snookies123733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

While I will say it's probably the second worst, the absolute worst d-pad is definitely the Gamecube controller. That thing was awful... The rest of the controller was amazing though lol.

caseh3733d ago

Oh I dunno, the Xbox d-pad in the first few releases is horrendous. Much better in recent revisions though but still not as good as the PS3 d-pad.

With that said, if youw ant a nice d-pad you're better off buying a 3rd party pad like the Hori Commander, epic d-pad goodness.

Zhipp3732d ago

I second this. I loved the Gamecube controller, but that D-pad was, quite literally, unusable.

ALLWRONG3733d ago

The D-Pad does suck. The 360 controller is near perfect accept for the defective D-Pad.

stage883732d ago

Near perfect?

It's really not. Not by a long shot.

kma2k3733d ago

Now what i want more than anything is the option for hdmi output & controller input (controller wireless of course) let me play my emulators on the big screen through my phone. Oh & a secondary port for charging at the same time, thank you :)

WarThunder3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

What a stupid article

Seen this before?

Xbox control layout is a Sega Dreamcast copy... But no one said something about it.

JamieL3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Yea they are just alike...Oh, except the DC controller only had 1 stick. That is a pretty big difference the "Xbox copied the DC controller" camp leaves out. So different I think its grasping at straws. The 360 controller is 10x better, and nothing like it IMO.

Edit: oh yea and no triggers, or sholder buttons. Yea saying that they copied that is a fanboy delusion, nothing more. They couldn't be any diffrent.

Good_Guy_Jamal3732d ago

Pretty sure lots of people did. Including you. Xbox 360 is an evolution of the dreamcast, true, but it brought in a whole lot more like those perfect triggers and snug fit in your hands. Pity about the dpad and shoulder buttons though, those are horrendous!

CC-Tron3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I think the Sega Saturn controller had the best D-Pad ever made and should be copied by all the others.

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