MLB 2K8 vs MLB 08: The Show

A detailed comparison of MLB 2K8 and MLB 08: The Show. Which game excels in each area and which one ultimately comes out on top?

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Harry1903971d ago

so much for xplay's reviews.

destroyah3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

X-Play and G4 are just biased. They're pro-Microsoft. Every other website rated The Show higher than that 2K8 garbage EXCEPT for XPlay. This is all the proof I needed. G4TV sucks.

The gaming GOD3971d ago

G4 SHOWED they were biased long ago

marinelife93971d ago

This is one of the view times I've agreed with a review 100%. The Show is a fun and addictive game. Building up your Road to the Show player whether it be a pitcher, catcher, infielder or outfielder is a blast!

Bnet3433970d ago

they are pro MS so why did they make that red ring of death video? oh yeah, pro MS ....

deeznuts3970d ago

Kigmal, the same reason that some gay people (not that there is anything wrong with that, seriously!) date people of the opposite sex. To hide something. Again, not that there is anything wrong with that!

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The gaming GOD3971d ago

I played mlb 08 the show and that game is SWEEEEET!!!!

And this coming from someone that doesn't even like baseball or baseball games. Yet I found myself loving that game.

Danja3971d ago

MLB The Show wins hands down ...

BrianC62343971d ago

If you want to see a lame review of The Show check out X-Play's review. They gave it a 3 out of 5. And they gave that other game a 4. I guess if The Show was on the Xbox 1.5 they might have chosen The Show. X-Play sure pushes the Xbox 1.5 and Xbox Live.

Electronic Arts3971d ago

2k8 would have been better had I bought T2

name3971d ago

I don't even LIKE baseball and I'm buying the show. I never had so much fun with a sports game before.

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The story is too old to be commented.