Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of March 9th

US Games

* Condemned 2
* Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

EU Games

* Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Asian Games

* Skate
* Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008

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resistance1003967d ago

Ah the US finally gets to experience a decent football game and not put up with the FIFA crap

sonarus3967d ago

pes2008 was a dissapointment for me. i imported mine from uk. havn't played it since but i am already looking forward to 09 version.

i thought condemned was delayed

Harry1903967d ago

disagree here.fifa08 is the better choice this time around.
there's no point in denying it,seabass tsukasa even said it.
believe me,i am a hardcore pro evo fan,but i must say the guys
at ea pulled off something unexpected and upped their game.and
according to reports fifa09 could be even a football
fan i pick up both copies,and yeah,i was shocked at how long it takes
to get pro evo over here(already got an eu copy),but fifa is getting verty much better.konami should redesign their engine completely to
show real improvements.

TruthBTold3967d ago

Ive heard from many people that proevo wasnt as good this year compared to fifa. I have never played proevo but really wanted to buy it also, already have fifa, but i guess Ive decided to get it because it has international cups in which I cant find a way to play it on fifa unless I create one. Everything on fifa is league cups which should be wider. I need some argentina vs italy games. I love football either way so this will be an add to my football games, dont mind really which one is better as long as i can get some things on it that arent on fifa.

Harry1903967d ago

you should try pro thing that it has always been better at has been customization.get it.gameplay wise it had been the better choice before may lack the licenses and all but it should be easy for you to download custom made saves/patches that will fix this.i hope next time they really get it right.

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TheExecutive3967d ago

Didnt condemned 2 get delayed?

MaximusPrime3967d ago

its a rumor. Best to check it online or in-store.

heyheyhey3967d ago

so it's not really an exciting week for us Europeans is it

ah well, still have DMC4 unconquered

xaphanze3967d ago

Only looking forward to condemned 2.

LegendKillar3967d ago

that site saying it was delayed is a french site, so im guessing the delay was for europe and not the US.

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