The 21 Hardest Nintendo games ever

NGamer descends through the various circles of hell, in search of the toughest games ever to star on a Nintendo platform. Abandon hope all ye that enter here...

In the beginning there was the word. And the word was 'argh goddamnityouevilgame'. Yes, ever since the serpent challenged Adam to a game of 'dare you pluck from the tree of knowledge' - a Kerplunk prototype - man has obsessed over challenges of soul-destroying difficulty.

The number one peddler in frustration? That would be Nintendo. From the stinging paper cuts delivered by their early Hanafuda cards, to their dual screen screammaker Contra 4, Nintendo have been responsible for a downpour of tricky titles to douse even the most resilient gamer's spirit.

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Tsalagi3964d ago

The two hardest NES games to me were Super Ghouls and Ghosts and Time Lord. G&G made we want to fly to Japan and kill the programmers after i finally beat it and had to start over. Time Lord was difficult the whole game but the hardest part was the boss in the old west stage. I swear it takes an hour to kill that guy.

Tempist3964d ago

Yeah, that's an inexcuseable error. It just shows how much editing CVG actually does.

Jack Bauer3964d ago

The Resident Evils are pretty tough games

i don't understand super mario galaxy on there, its time consuming, not hard tho.

miles-prower3964d ago

yes i agreed with you Resident Evil is hard

nintendojunkie283836d ago

Try beating REmake on hard with invisible enemies.....actually it wasn't all that hard...but for most peeps it would be.

Tyrael3964d ago

I am probably the only one who had this problem but I could never beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES

hades073964d ago

Definately not, so many people had trouble with that game. The angry video game nerd even does a video on how freakishly hard and unfair the game is.

Mandangoof3964d ago

Because you feel so ashamed and embarrassed for the talentless people who made them then remade them over and over.

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The story is too old to be commented.