Too Old For This [email protected]$t: Console and PC Wars

"Furthermore, for the people who are keeping the old Sony vs. Microsoft rivalry going, you do realize the next iterations of their systems are going to be largely the same, don’t you? ... Barring any mind-blowing developments on the level of nanotechnology that beams images directly to your brain, the systems will primarily be defined by what types of games and prices they offer." - Mike Ridgaway

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peterthomas62867d ago

What a fantastic read. It was quite amusing.

Nitrowolf22867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

@pc guys
I know what you all mean, trust me i have a big rig. But in truth these mew consoles should excite you, not because you probably wont buy them but because developers can now start pushing for better games on pc. Many third party devs give the pc the shaft or poor ports with barely any utilization(thus leaving mods to fix it)
The way i see it if pc,ps4, and next box are easy as to develop perhaps pc gaming can once again become the lead platform. Either way pc gaming imo is anout to get better

ATi_Elite2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

The last REAL GREAT console war was between the:

Sega Genesis
Super Nintendo
Neo Geo
Turbo GFX-16

Now those were TRUE consoles and that was a GREAT WAR during the Golden Age of Video Games.

Now these machines have just been CHASING and COPYING the PC every since.

Looks like the PS4 and X720 will have finally caught up to a point but once Ray Tracing comes out then the PC will be on to some REAL Next Gen Stuff!

Oh this is the Last boxes from MS/Sony so enjoy them cause after this your gonna need a PC.

feel free to RAGE disagree, I kinda enjoy so many people being WRONG!


camel_toad2867d ago

I play everything (pc, 360, ps3, Wii u) and it all comes down to the individual games. Every platform has its own exclusive(s) worth playing.

aquamala2867d ago

so true lol.. people are fighting over tiny differences in this gen, and will again next gen. and look at the best selling games on PS3 and 360, people are playing the same games!

panbit862867d ago

The thing is that pc gamers have this illusion of being better than console gamers yet they fail to see that consoles have greatly influenced pc gaming too. The most obvious one? The controller!
Consoles are machines dedicated to gaming first and foremost! They are designed for this purpose and have the game catalogues to back this up.
Pc gaming is another cool thing a pc can do, and as such it just can't compete...

aliengmr2867d ago

How did the controller influence PC gaming?

panbit862867d ago

By being used by most if not all pc gamers because keyboard and mouse are ok for 1 or 2 genres but most just need a controller. Sports, fighting, driving, tps, action etc

e-p-ayeaH2867d ago

Its a phase like almost everything in life.