PSX Extreme: Witches Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "We always get games that include burly male heroes or scantily clad female heroines, but what about classic characters of folklore? For example, how come we don't have more games about witches? A central theme of dark magic and evil for almost as long as anyone can remember, these ladies of the night have a longer and more storied history than vampires and werewolves put together. Hence, witches should make for an absolutely fantastic foundation for a video game, if only because of the concept behind the controversial females.

Enter Revistonic's Witches, which began its life in the middle of last year as Project Witches and recently resurfaced with a shorter name and more details. The project still doesn't have a publisher, but once they land one, the game should be released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Let's take a look at how this potentially promising title is shaping up…leather, magic, feminine curves and all."

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