Ninja Gaiden II Passes Australian Classification

Ninja Gaiden II has managed to do what its older brother, Ninja Gaiden Black, couldn't and pass classification in Australia.

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sonarus3966d ago

considering this 1 looks twice as violent thats funny. Maybe they toned it down for the Australian gamers

Danja3966d ago

who cares it's gonna flop there ne ways

wAtdaFck3966d ago

Hey Look! I see an XBot coming!!

*looks at below posters*

power of Green 3966d ago

You might see more, is it so suprizing to see an Xbot in a 360 thread?, to avoid Xbots? all one has to do is not troll 360 threads.

Xbox is the BEST3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

beating Unwanted all 8 hours of it on a Blu Ray disc or is it got no games to play?

sevanig3966d ago

They better not of pre-censored it before showing it....
So they dont get a refused classification!!!

MK_Red3966d ago

Wasn't a new and higher rating level for more violent games introduced so they don't get banned? This has probably helped NG2 and hopefully this means the end of censor and ban of violent games in Australia.

macsto3966d ago

nah, they tried to get it passed recently but i think it was turned down again :(

MK_Red3966d ago

Darn! So sad :(
I hope it was passes soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.