Call of Duty top entertainment title of 2012

Call of Duty and Fifa 13 were the UK's two best-selling entertainment releases of 2012, beating films such as The Dark Knight Rises and albums including Emeli Sande's Our Version of Events.

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x5exotic2812d ago

UK, You are free of Bieber, doesn't mean you can buy crappy games. The bad cancels out the good.

solid_warlord2812d ago

You say crappy but i bet u buy CoD every year and hate on it, ur just not gonna admit it. There was a show i watched on C4 UK channel, which claim they did a reseach that proved allot of gamers buy CoD every year but they still hate on it. Thats 20-30 million gamers buy CoD ever year for the last 5 years. No fluke, just gamers like u and i. We hate, but we buy.

x5exotic2812d ago

Only played 4 and WaW (and had to play mp for Blak ops because that's what majority rules when I play with friends (hell I'd rather play naruto games than this shit)...never again. Bad game is bad.

"people buy cod and hate on it" beause it's crap. Stop proving my point please, I can do it myself.

mcstorm2812d ago

I don't know if its because I have now owned a COD game since MW2 but I got BO2 on the WiiU to see what a FPS game was like on the WiiU and I am enjoying the MP. Ive not played SP or Zombies yet and its not as good as Halo 4 imo but I can see why people like this game.

I could not buy the game every year though.

Also Fifa is bound to be the biggest sports games as here in the UK the one and only sport is Football. For me Rugby and Ice Hockey are better sports but this is the reason why it sells so well here in the UK as its the country's number 1 sport by a long way.

Upbeat2812d ago

Fifa 13 was broken from day one, all games since mw2 have also been broken yet there is something about them that makes everyone buy both games every year, i'm one of those people but after black ops 2 i'm going to be very hard to coax to purchase another cod game for a while

mcstorm2812d ago

Ive not seen any issues with Fifa but then again I have done one season and then only play it online with my mates and bro. Also what's broken on BO2 as again ive not noticed anything on the WiiU version but the same again ive only played online with it.

I will not be getting a COD game this year I will defo be getting BF4.

guitarded772812d ago

@ mcstorm

Yeah, people throw CoD under the bus because it's an easy target, and has had great success in sales. I don't love or hate CoD... I hate Activision, but not CoD. I do buy the annual release, because my best friend lives in another state, and he likes CoD, so I get it so we can play and bull$#!t... it's how we hang out. The thing about CoD is it is so easily accessible, that anyone can play it. It's easy to get into a match, it offers a lot for the money with campaign, co-op (zombies) and multiplayer. People can piss all over CoD if they want, but it's easier to just ignore it if they don't like it. There are plenty of other games out there, so why do these people get so bent?

mcstorm2812d ago

Ya I see where your coming from. I get Fifa each year for the MP and its the same with Football manager. People are all about I hate this and that's it. Its the same no matter what industry you are in. I have a surface and the amount of times ive had an Ipad owner going on about how the Ipad has millions of more apps and is better because its made by Apple.

People need to stop telling people that there's is the best and biggest and enjoy what they like and also leave people to like what they want to like.

We all have different tastes and needs and that is why we have so many choices in our lives.

Upbeat2811d ago

I still play black ops 2 most nights of the week, when it came out the spawns where ridiculous, me and my friends could never get into games together. The reason it is an easy target is because its so easy to pick the cod games apart is because the are made with such lazyness, i mean they all still run on the cod4 engine, their game has new connection probelms at every patch, and while i'm talking about patchs every new patch released creates a new problem, the games are a field day for glitchers.

Need i go on ?

MilkMan2812d ago

Is this what we are doing now to make this game relevancy spike, creating awards to fit the game?
Entertainment title of the year?!
Nice PR.

Leonex2811d ago

Its that boring in the UK....

dangerousjo332811d ago

this is great news and some try to say consoles are dead how with these kind of numbers. i sat out this go around of cod blop2 cus i only like cod game with MW in the title blop1 left a very bad taste n my mouth but for the next gen x720 i well be picking up mw4.bf4.ACBF.splinter blacklight.and lots of new ips.