Turning Point is the new Lair

As per the previous news of the CEO of Spark Unlimited speaking out against reviewers not singing Turning Points praises - Geekpulp has drawn the comparision between this and the events surrounding the release of the reviewers guide to Lair

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I Call 9MM3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I have to say Turning Point was a half assed game. Sure, great concept and all, but really there is more to it then that: the game has to be fun. The graphics look worse then a lot of last generation games, and it plays like an older game. It's not smooth like CoD4 or something like that. It's rigged. Heck, the weapons look like they came from Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, which itself was a great game, but that came out in like 2000 or so. Firing the guns just doesn't feel right, hitting the enemies doesn't feel right, nothing feels right. Glad I played the demo first, because I was really looking forward to this game for awhile. Developers really should know when their games are crap, because this game is close to that.

Don't blame the gamers if they don't like the game, blame yourselves guys.

Presentist3968d ago

I won't ever buy a game with a Swastika on the cover or in the trailers.

Sends a bad message, even if it's based on an 'alternate reality'.

It's just too soon.

RJ20003968d ago

I would rather REMEMBER than forget what our great soldiers did in World War II. I know you are not saying to forget, but why not have games and movies on World War II? It has been 50 years. Most WWII vets have passed and their memory must remain.

Palodios3968d ago

I don't think its a matter of forgetting what tens of millions of people died for in war and in genocide. I haven't played it because the reviews are so poor, but from wikipedia and other sources, I've learned that in this alternate reality... all those millions died for nothing and Germany won, implying the extermination of the Jews(along with homosexuals and jehova witnesses, I'd assume). All the people who died would have died in vain. A game is supposed to be entertainment, enjoyment, and that isn't something I'd want to play, and nothing I'd want to enjoy.

Presentist3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Screw whoever disagreed with me.


The swastika is one of the most evil signs of hate and racism in the world. I merely don't want to support games that focus on an area of history that no one should live through again.

It isn't about forgetting, it's about not having to relive awful events of the worlds past.

Would you like to play in an alternate universe where the KKK are in the white house?

Thought not.

Also, comment 2.2; if you want to relive the events of WWII watch the history channel, don't support awful games like this that just capitalize on the hurt and suffering that millions went through.

It's sickening.

Scottama3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Actually, I would like to play a game with the KKK in the White House (is that your pun or mine? :D) It would be just like Harry Potter 7; a huge change from reality! Seriously, that book destroyed the entire formula of the other 6 books, and it was really tense and exciting all the time. I couldn't get the idea that there was always a Death Eater just waiting for them out of my head.

I like alternate reality games, and the whole point of them is to be RADICALLY different. Just like Harry Potter 7, just Resistance, just like FP:ToL SHOULD HAVE BEEN (and I'm so disappointed that it's failed), and just like your KKK game would be.

Noone (well...) here is saying that Nazism is right, but it would be interesting (and perhaps frightening), to play through a game which is so radically changed from our own history, especially when you consider how close this was. Had Churchill died, there might now be a furore about a videogame which depicted Nazism losing.

Anyway, I realise I've rambled, but seriously, get a grip.

whoelse3967d ago

There's a difference between supporting the Nazis and reminding people about them.

Presentist3967d ago


Keep your mouth shut.

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Electronic Arts3968d ago

Now wait just a minute there

I would give lair an 8.5 after the controls

Honestly Turning point had a great concept

But I think we all new this was coming. From the trailers I noticed how bad the graphics were, it looked like a flash game to me. There was just something telling me this game wouldn't score at least an 8

Also, this would kick ass if i made it :D

Ri0tSquad3968d ago

This came out for PS3 as well.

Theo11303968d ago

Lair was good, but the main problems were related to the controls. Fix that and its a very good game, as Turing Point is a complete turd, and deserves the stick it is getting.

gambare3968d ago

Lair was good, not awesome but good, the only "problem" was the six axis, many of the reviewers hate it, like many people in fact, but with some tweaks on the dual analog lair can turn into a great game, tur(d)ning point is actually bad, so we can't really say that is the new Lair because Lair wasn't a bad game.

Iron Man 23968d ago

Thank you,bubbles for you Theo!;)

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