Backwards compatibility with PS3 in Images

The Japanese site ITmedia put's online some interesting images concerning backwards compatibility of the Playstation 3. The images shows the PS2 game Fantavision being played on the PS3.

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TheXgamerLive5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

A picture like that doesn't mean anything, I mean I could put a PC DVD in my XBOX 360 and say now that's really retro, we also now play all PC games. BTW the next XBOX gaming system probably will play all PC games as well. See, I just said that, is it true? Probably not but it is being talked about.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that ps3 will be most ps1,2 compatible but to show these scratched system bad pics isn't anything. Not anything news worthy anyways.

Shadow Flare5899d ago

How ARE they supposed to prove the PS3 is backwards compatible through pics? Cmon, you know it will be

OutLaw5899d ago

If Fantavision works then I see no problem with the system being a 100% backwards compatible. You can't get any older than one of the games that shipped in the beginning with the PS2.

Bebedora5899d ago

It's really not the age saying how compatible a game is. The code can be so out of the norm that it will only work on a real PS2? An ugly hack, in that sense it was made to accomplish something not possible otherwise. I am more worried about those kind of games.

Just that I've heard some 20 PS2 games may not make it to the PS3.

Nodoze5899d ago

Does anyone know if there will be any graphical improvement for the backwards compatible titles? Will they take advantage of Anti Aliasing for example? Will they be upconverted etc?

If so I may have to dig into the piggy bank as I never had a PS2, but would LOVE to play some of the back catalog with graphical improvements to boot.

Bebedora5899d ago

I second that, it would be intresting to know if it will be. I havent heard either of that story. If you have'nt played a single PS2 game, there are some great ones, for sure to have. Me my self will still be buying in on God of War II and FF-XII...Disgaea II seems like a wallet smacker too.

Arkham5899d ago

Word from a few months ago was that PS1 and PS2 games would/could be upscaled. Wow. Not sure how that'll work out, but interesting.

ChickeyCantor5899d ago

they should make ps2 games go on a higher RES( by forcing the GPU to output PS2 games to a higher res then the PS2 already might increase the gfx)

EnforcerOfTheTruth5899d ago

It's been stated numerous times that PS3 will output PS2 games at higher resoultions. Probably 720p or even 1080p.

DJ5898d ago

I'm starting wonder if such high resolutions will make our PS1 games look better or just bring out the flaws...but as long as the option is there I'm happy. Something I wonder though is whether emulation will fix framerate issues on certain games that pushed the original hardware to its limits (i.e. Killzone).

BTW, I saw a bigass Play B3yond poster at the Puente Hills EBgames. Intimidating but gorgeous. It was hard not to pay attention to it.

Arkham5898d ago (Edited 5898d ago )

That's what I like about Sony's (and Nintendo's) advertising: it's stylish and a helluva lot more artistic than the standard Microsoft-Exploding-Box-Of-Cra yons approach.

Did anyone ever see those great PS2 commercials from Japan a couple years ago? One was directed by David Lynch, but I suspect they'd have flopped among US viewers. Too bad, they were fun.

As for upscaling/upgraded PS1/PS2 games, I think it'll be pretty much hit and miss, but having the opportunity to play with the option would be interesting.

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