Game Informer: MLB 08: The Show Review - The Best Experience in Baseball

Game Informer writes: "In the 119th game of the season, my rookie pitcher finally developed command over his curveball. As a result, his WHIP dropped, he was offered a spot in the starting rotation, and he began tallying more experience points for goals attained and successful results. Think about this for a second. In all of the baseball games you've played over the years, how many times have you played 119 games and still found progression, uncertainty, and an urgency to keep going? This is where the MLB series, particularly this year's iteration, stands head and shoulders above every other baseball game. Its Road to the Show mode, which has now been upgraded to 2.0, is immensely rewarding, unbelievably deep, and one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had with any sports game, period."

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The gaming GOD3965d ago

I found myself LOVING this game. And that's a first. I could hardly believe I was even playing a baseball game. MLB 08 the show is the new standard in baseball games. But that's just my opinion.

Now they need to add some of these elements to NBA the life.

SuperTanker3965d ago

I haven't played a baseball game in years, but this one intrigued me enough that I went out and picked up a copy. If I weren't out of town right now, I'd still be playing the RTTS mode. This has easily become my favorite sports title, and maybe the best I've ever played.