Xbox Live Arcade Sales Chart - 3/08/08

VG Chartz has published the Xbox Live Arcade sales charts for the week ending March 8, 2008. The charts track these data: Weekly Units Sold, Price, Total Revenue, Total Units Sold, and Weekly Revenue.

Highlights for the week:

• The critcally-maligned Rocketmen: Axis of Evil has one of the worst starts in sales in quite some time. Its poor control scheme has earned the game one of the worst ratings for an Arcade game (i.e., 51% from GameRankings.)

• N+ sees it's third number-one week in a row - its sales only dropped about 10% from last week.

• Triggerheart Excelica has a poor first week. Its user base is dominated by Japanese users (i.e., 45% of the user base that's just below 10,000.) Globally and outside Japan, there is a lack of interest in the game.

• Poker Smash ends its first month with 43,000 units sold and $430,000 in revenue - not too shabby for a game that was supposedly made by 3 people in a garage.

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InYourMom3967d ago

MS does not release this sales data and no retail tracking group tracks this data. Unless they are getting it from the publishers or MS themeselves which I HIGHLY doubt.. I don't know if they are pulling these numbers out of their azz or what?