Halo 3 details to be revealed by month's end

According to a blog post by IGN's Douglass Perry a select group of magazine journalists were invited by Bungie to see the game in action and for a healthy day of Halo 3 multiplayer gaming on Xbox 360. It's supposed to be excellent, which is no surprise.

Also, EGM hinted in its last issue that it will have something on Halo 3 in its next issue. So we might get to read several Halo 3 previews by month's end.

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m235901d ago

i was listening to the egm podcast, and one of the guys said he was going to play halo 3. those are some lucky people, playing halo 3 multiplayer all day

deepio5901d ago (Edited 5901d ago )

Yep, dam lucky! Hopefully we'll get to see some SP/MP gameplay footage before the PS3 launch. At least that'd be something!

TheMART5901d ago

Oh hell yeah first gimme Gears of War and that'll hold me through the winter, then bring me Halo 3 which combined with Gears will keep me busy 2007 in total and then bring it on in Halo Wars!

Damn strongest exclusive line up ever and it's on 360

Dukester1015901d ago

yeah, i agree with him, MS has something up their sleeve for the PS3 and Wii launches.

FlamingTide5901d ago

There seems to be some feeling in the air that this Halo is going have something really special in it, sooo Im really looking forward to seeing the multi and single player in-game footage.

I was serously suprised Bungie allowed gamers to go in and play Halo... like they've got something big to show us

LK5901d ago

i just can't wait anymore, its driving me crazy!!!!

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