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Thanks to the "miracles" of modern chemistry, Major League Baseball has been getting beaten up pretty badly in the halls of Congress and the press these days - enough to make any fan of America's Pastime more than a little bummed. Happily, fans have reason to cheer again, as MLB 08 The Show has lit up our PS3s and reminded us why we love the game so much.

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eagle213968d ago

This game is exactly a solid 9/10.....enjoy!

sonarus3968d ago

i still scratch my head to how xplay confused mlb the show with mlb2k8 when the show is clearly better. But they i forgot ps3 exclusives have to be downgraded one score just for being exclusive

killer_trap3968d ago

it's funny, i really hate watching baseball games but i really enjoy playing it as a video game. if this game isn't a bit complicated i'll be getting it for sure.