Edge Review Scores : Army of Two Tanks, Smash Bros., Lost Odyssey, And More

Here are the latest review scores from Edge Magazine issue 187 (April Issue):

Super Smash Bros. Brawl 9
Lost Odyssey 7
Condemned 2: Bloodshot 5
Rainbow six vegas 2 7
Army of Two 4
God Of war: Chain of Olympus 7
Lost: The Videogame 3
Sins of a solar empire 8
Professor layton 7
Apollo Justice; Ace Attorney 6
Penumbra: Black Plague 6
Dark Mist 8
Sega superstars tennis 7
Space invaders extreme 8

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Iamback3967d ago

Hmm they obviously want to get some hits on site and attention by giving those low scores to few awesome games on that list.

decapitator3967d ago

huh ? erm, Edge is a magazine, and that is not the official site. Someone simply just posted the review scores of all the games.

resistance1003967d ago

Umm Edge is a highy respected Magazine in England, so think before you post comments like that.

90% of the time i will say there reviews are spot on

TheExecutive3967d ago

umm... look at the scores.

Space invaders extreme gets a higher score than GOW? yeah right...

I mean its all opinion but c'mon.

Time Lord3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Edge have reputation of having very strict reviews. It would have to take something really special to get 9 in their mag.

sonarus3967d ago

yea or something really hyped. greatest game on the psp is but a 7 to them

Winter47th3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Condemned 2 only a 5.. is this a typo?

What a shameful excuse of a mag this is.

LJWooly3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I don't like Edge, they mistake harshness and outright bias for integrity.

They gave Halo 3 a 10. I'm sorry, but is this not supposed to be the harshest mag out there? Whatever...

I'm English, and I sure as hell don't respect them. They're full of crap and self-importance.

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Spike473967d ago

LO deserves an 8, and army of two an 8.

Delive3967d ago

But, I bought Ao2 off hype and high reviews. They all failed to mention the good co-op get's repetitive fast. The first hour or 2 is cool. Then it all starts to look the same. I'm trying to finish it so I can trade it in while it still has value.

skynidas3967d ago

WOW a 5 for Condemned 2

EZCheez3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I was looking forward to that one. I'll still play it though.

TheExecutive3967d ago

I am still looking forward to that one, I dont really have the same taste as EDGE.

decapitator3967d ago

Edge is a little harsh, you might wanna wait for more reviews from US based journalists.

Richdad3967d ago

back in 2005 then you should have not expected much from it. It had goood graphics then but now its average and the game is very slow, I mean the player you used moves slowest in any game I have seen and you can sprint for only 5-6 secs only and recharging takes the sme amount of time. while the rest of the shooters are getting better and better and have definelty improved form 2005.
But also Army of two has been given real bad score and agree with R6Vegas 2 score the graphics has not evolved much and we have seen the gameplay before so dont tell the story is not the main feature but the gameplay. I was not expecting much from it. But still they have pushed the score down to the limit I mean all the games except SSBB deserves to get a raise of 1. With AOT a raise of 3 atleast.

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Richdad3967d ago

for God sake the game is no way less then 8.5. But what is wrong I dont know Professor Layton is also better than the score given and R6Vegas and Condemned where pulling the same thing of again but they are still not that bad and R6vegas2 is although not AAA now but its still better then 7.

Relcom3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I should buy space invaders instead of God of War.......


EZCheez3967d ago

Sins of the Solar Empire, whatever the hell that is.

TheExecutive3967d ago

they ALWAYS do that crap.

Relcom3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I understand that score, but almost all the rest of the scores are garbage

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