XBLA- and PSN game Plunder announced

Former Bungie employees have founded a new studio, after their departure from Bungie, called Certain Affinity. Today they proudly announced PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade game Plunder...

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harv0523974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )


name3974d ago

lol nice I get to play a game from bungie.

Tyler Durden3974d ago

want to play another one from Bungie for the PS2 get the game Oni its published by Rockstar and i heard its pretty good they made it before the MS buyout back when Halo was meant to be on the PS2 and Rockstar as the publisher

eagle213974d ago

A lot of people are unaware that Halo was shopped to Sony for PS2. I knew that since

I just watched Fight Club again...Tyler Durden you rock!

Figboy3973d ago

i was one of the few people that bought Oni on day one for my PS2 back in the day, and the game, while full of potential, was hampered by a ludicrous control scheme.

you used the shoulder buttons to jump, the aiming was imprecise, and pulling off combos was just damn impossible. it's funny that you mention Oni, because i was just telling my roommate about that game two days ago.

the premise was cool, the main character was ripped straight from Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, and she had some badass moves, but the bland level design, and most importantly, poor controls, kept it from being worth the $50 i paid for it. you could probably find a used copy for $3 or less, but i'm pretty sure it hasn't aged well...

DFresh3973d ago

Sounds Interesting.
Because if the 360's best developer Bungie starts making games for the PS3 this can mean the death of the Xbox business.
Plunge sounds cool.
Whatever is it I'm gonna play it maybe they should make a demo first so I can see what I'm actually playing.