Red Steel: Hands-on

For those of you who haven't been desperately following trade-show hands-on reports like a gaming hawk, Red Steel's control system is an interesting one, mixing gunplay and sword fighting to interesting effect.

In shooting stages, forwards, backwards and strafing movement is familiarly handled by the analogue stick on the Nunchuk expansion. However, unlike tradition FPS games, which have your gun's aim locked to the centre of the screen, Red Steel lets you use the Wii Remote's pointer functionality to aim anywhere on the screen you choose. An on-screen crosshair allows you to easily keep track of exactly where you're aiming, accurately tracking your every move. All you have to do is squeeze the B trigger on the underside of the Remote and shoot...

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jacen10005898d ago

sounding realy good and from the comments the controls must be top notch, i cant wait to get a hold of wiimote on these types of shootemup games it will open them up to there potential its gonna put a nail in the coffin of gamepads think about it, and then u have peeps sayn its gonna be a gimmik lol i dont think so somehow this new control system wasent thought up overnite it has been in development for sometime and seems to be a real nice step forward for these types of games.

wulfgar885898d ago

i couldnt agree more steel looks awesome