Aussie Sony Exec Further Clarifies Crazy Statement

Sony Australia boss Michael Ephraim responded to his remarks from yesterday that the Xbox 360 and Wii are "pricey" despite PS3's heavily criticized $500-600 launch price. After realizing he was walking on thin PR ice, Mr. Ephraim retracted critical statements on both Microsoft's and Nintendo's value propositions, restated his PS3 value vs. price argument, and even had some nice things to say about the competition in a post comment to Screen Play.

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THAMMER15898d ago

Sony needs to stop passing out Crack a board meetings.

Boink5898d ago

wow, if I was head of sony public relations, I would quit...oh wait a minute, she did already:)

Captain Tuttle5898d ago

They need to fire this clown.


how can you justify criticizing your competition's prices when you have the highest priced products?

people who live in glass houses...

PhantomMD5898d ago

Wow... Sony is in dire need of some good PR staff!

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